Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's Bring the Pain!

By this time next week, we will be viewing the watered down version of budget cuts. In a nutshell, much adieu about nothing.

Sorry Tea Party. You can't have a crusade with spineless crusaders. The Democrats amidst their "the economy will come to an end" drivel and bullshit- will ensure once again that Congress has no political might to take the extreme measures that are called for. They simply cannot do it. They are incapable of performing their jobs.

Here's the sad truth. Not only will Congress end up with some superficial rendition of budget cuts, but nobody in America will care. You cannot make people care until they feel some pain. Real pain. Obviously we are no where near that threshold yet.

The government does not shut down if they can't agree on a budget. Oh sure a few parks close but everything else continues and even the Park Rangers will get back pay. I've seen this before.

I am praying for the following things. Five dollar gas, doubling of food prices, a stock market implosion, higher unemployment, and bond yields rising to 6%. I think there is a real possibility of some of these things happening by summer. I pray that it does. There is simply no other way to get people involved in the political process. This country can have no re-birth until it dies. Until that happens, we will all just have to live with this drawn out version of a strangling economic death. We are 4 years into this mess and other than an artificially induced stock market- absolutely nothing has changed. People have to feel real pain and suffering- that is the only path out of here. There is no secondary road. Can we haz depression now?

Here's the latest tough talk.



Anonymous said...

Well, Brian, you need not pray for hyperinflation-It's coming our way fast. Every major food company has already announced that prices will rise. They spent last year cutting their own margins, they have nothing left but to increase prices. Gas is still a nightmarish question mark. The REAL pain will come when the EU, China, Russia dump the dollar...

When staples triple in price people will finally wake up!

Those late to the game will FINALLY start listening to you and me.

But, like you stated a couple of months ago, when the majority of the sheeple finally get it, it will be too late!

If I come out on the other side of this, I'm hoping you'll be there too!

Unknown said...

Rise in prices who are you kidding. They wont raise prices, just make smaller packages, a slight of hand. If they raised prices people would notice and maybe start to wake up. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Wake up Richard! Last week I bought what I thought was a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, then noticed that it was 1.5 quarts! Companies have already cut their margins as much as possible...It happened LAST YEAR! Welcome to OUR new reality!