Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Sage Advice From the Great Satan

I just had to clip this piece. Ok, now put your thinking caps on. We're talking about a guy with an M.I.T. degree here and perfect S.A.T. scores. Try to follow along dunderheads. Here goes:

But he acknowledged that if higher prices persist, inflation could become a serious risk. "Sustained rises in the prices of oil or other commodities would represent a threat both to economic growth and to overall price stability," he said.

This is why you should have stayed in school. So you can say intelligent shit like Bernanke does.



Anonymous said...

Why do I feel so sad? Maybe because I saw this fucking farce back in the 90's? Maybe because I was smarter and should have known better? Or most especially, because I DID know (for at least a decade) that this was fake and unholy, but felt unable to do anything about it. Or, more honestly, I was too busy and destracted and didn't even bother.

Even though I am a mere female, I have a degree in Nursing and passed my Mcat (needed for admission to Med school) in 2007. My IQ is a meger 156...

I am not rich or famous! My Dad just taught me to be the hardest worker, and to take pride in any job! Work ethic that no longer exists!

I am a lost soul in a sea of ever increasing parasites!

Life is no longer about skill and reason, but about how someone feels!

And even the "Smartest" amoung us has been co-opted.

So, now I ask myself...Was I REALLY lost, or did I just find myself lost when evaluating those around me?

In this country, NOW-I guess I am lost!

Brian said...

Holy shit Lisa, 156? That is the combined IQ of my entire family. Ha!

This is how I see things. Just a premise. We have a collective ego running this country that thinks it is vastly superior to us. That collective ego was not born in the humility of public service...but instead thinks it is superior or gifted given a teleprompter or a trip to M.I.T.

Incredibly intelligent people, born of humility and respect, are open minded and see the potential of the lowliest worker. They live that way. I have found one or two of those. I would have died, committed career suicide, for them. But in their own self sacrificing way- they of course accept responsibility and bow out long before the whole thing erupts into chaos.

The people running our country are not special. They are not intelligent enough to know this. They really show a great deal of contempt for us. I accept that level of unconsciousness having been there myself.

You are a nurse. You are helping people. That is public service. Really. I admire and respect you. People like you are my heroes. As I look back on my life- I must accept my level of unconsciousness and I can't imagine how much more effective I would be now. But it was those experiences that created me. It is a chicken and egg sort of thing. All we can do is poke fun at these idiots, just as would ourselves, and try to figure out what dumb fuck thing they will do next, and plot out a personal solution. It is getting mind boggling. I have always liked Vancouver, Canada, and I hear Tolle lives there. Some things to like.