Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The FDA Has Approved Peter Schiff's Old Jockstraps For Use As Car Seat Covers

In the months leading up to the housing collapse, Peter Schiff appeared many times on CNBC. Time and time again he warned viewers of the imminent housing collapse and the banking collapse. For his efforts and his truth telling style, he was ridiculed by virtually everyone who interviewed him. That went on as I recall- for about two years. I viewed most of it. After the implosion, even Ben Stein apologized to Schiff.

Why do people ridicule Schiff? No man is able to see the truth when his entire livelihood depends on him not believing the truth. If you've got 7 minutes to tee up this video- please watch it. And remember Schiff was right last time- this video is eerily reminiscent of what he said in 2006 and 2007. Pay special attention to our female interviewer as she tries to pin Schiff down by asking him the precise time of the dollar collapse. Nobody could possibly know that, but it doesn't stop these harpies from using it to chip away at his credibility. No shortage of cheap shots from this crew. Who are you going to believe? I saddle up with big cojones...just as I did a few years back. Thanks to the Hard Right Edge for posting this.


Dutch said...

Oh dear... the genius on the panel, at the end was heard saying "Corporate earnings have never been better and that's what matters..." He close by saying, "ya gotta dimiss Peter's [comments - sic?]..."

I'm thinking that Peter has a pretty accurate feel for what's going on and I am getting ready.

DF in Tejas

Brian said...

I love Schiff. He has kind of an imposing and grating demeanor...which pisses off the banking cabal.

Most importantly Dutch, Schiff's got huge balls and I trust him. That guy at the end of the vid is just part of the banking cabal, carrying the water.