Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Legislators Hold Firm After Spineless Dems Flee State, Transparent One Chimes In

Wisconsin legislators are holding firm despite the fact that government employees don't want to pay for their own medical insurance. And they've been skipping out on work to protest. I tell you what kind of maniac I am. You call in sick, and you ain't sick- we're gonna have a little termination hearing about lying. That's what kind of hard ass I am.

Courts have ruled that public employees have no right to lie to their employers.

Democratic legislators fled so they wouldn't have to vote on the impending union busting. They actually had to call the state police to bring them back to vote, to do their jobs. I'd fire their asses too. They can.

As they used to say in the Polish neighborhood in Butte, "tough shitski." Here's where I get sympathetic. All of this was brought on by those filthy, greedy, bankers. I simply can't ignore the fact that Wall St. plunged us into this abyss, stole all the money, and guys like Obama looked the other way. That Obama has the nerve to chime in here pisses me off. It must be his teacher roots. You know what I want Obama to do? I want him to STFU. Just run around, blab, take vacations, and leave the work to someone else. As incapable as our legislators are, I am convinced he is even less capable.

Obama doesn't realize by facilitating the escape of bankers, that he became part of the problem. He is so utterly unconscious that he actually thinks now- he is part of the solution. That's rich.


Pat said...

Brian, are you from Butte? I am as well, and I love your blog. Butte Central class of '70.

Brian said...

I am. I went to South Central and was scheduled for the Maroons when Dad up and moved us to Missoula. I still love Butte, travel there frequently and if it wasn't for those gawd awful winters- I'd probably go back.

Brian said...

Thanks again for your kind words> I wrote this many years ago and snipped it. Since you are from Butte, I think you'll like it. It's on here, "The Sons of Miners."

Pat said...

Thats funny- we moved to Missoula after I graduated high school, so all my younger sisters didn't go to high school there either.
Thanks for the links- great reading.

Kristy said...

You know I think you should take all of this and put it into a book! I will help you as I can see you getting rich off of it and ofcourse I want in on all the action! Think about it.

Anonymous said...

This situation in Wisconsin really pisses me off. I'm hoping like hell that the Republicans there hold their ground. The won the elections. It's their turn to pass the bills they want. Obama, the Dems, the unions, they are all a bunch of cry babies. Somebody stick some pacifiers in their mouths.