Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buying an RFID Chip, Another Wild Ass Day in the Silver Market

A few days ago, while conversing with the passport lady at the Post Office, she asked me if I would be traveling soon. I told her I wasn't getting a passport to travel- I was getting one to evacuate.

So today, for only 151.00 dollars, I bought one of those RFID embedded passports. I don't really like embedded chips scattering my personal data from up to 30 feet away and heaven forbid the chip gets disabled. Some sort of crushing accident, perhaps a fall on my ass. I hope that doesn't happen but I've been known to be a little bit clumsy.

I need the passport for a trip I am going to take through Canada with my Roofracer pal, Troy. He has one of those underpowered Harley soft tails that makes a lot of noise but doesn't go fast. My bike has the opposite characteristics. In fact, with six cylinders and carburetors, I'm not sure it gets much better gas mileage than my car. I need the passport for a couple of reasons.

In the unlikely event (let me give you a wild ass example) of the government declaring that precious metals were illegal and that you had to exchange them for currency- that might necessitate a trip to one of our adjoining countries. I am a creative problem solver, ya know what I mean? Not that I would bother checking to find the cheapest safety deposit boxes in Canadian banks. That would be lunacy.

So after I paid the vig to the government shysters, I went down to the coin dealer. Just before leaving the house- I had watched silver absolutely in freefall. At one point it dipped nearly 2 bucks which is 6% off. I am always looking for spring "sales events" and when I arrived at the dealer he told me he couldn't buy or sell for a few minutes. While I was standing there, some guy came in and sold someone's silverware. He had it in a big freezer bag which is more commonly used for carrying pot. I wondered which commodity he'd rather have. Judging from the look of him, it was a toss up. At any rate, the gal behind the counter scratched each piece, eyedropped some reagent on it, and seemed satisfied with the results. At any moment, I expected this guy to open his mouth and pry out a gold crown and fork it over although he seemed a little short on teeth as it was.

Today, I was very happy not to be in the paper silver market. My heart goes out to those longs which cannot stand for delivery. Maybe we'll get 'em next month.

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Dave said...

151 bucks for a passport? I just renewed mine for 80, with the ID chip in it. Just as long as they don't embed the chip in my forhead. I have good friends in canada (great folks, great beer) ready to take me in if all hell breaks loose. Would you agree if the Feds start demanding precious metals that the show is over, and then the demand for "other things" is not to far behind?