Sunday, February 20, 2011

Get a Load of This Moonbats...

The right to keep and bear arms. The right to protect myself. Maybe, some right wing nut job can even save a few moonbat kids on a college campus near you.

Laws like this get passed needlessly, since we have already been given the right to bear arms. I don't mind seeing states, usually red ones of course, accept the principle that we are not forced to sacrifice our lives on the off chance that we are attending Virginia Tech on a very bad day.

Law or not, I carry guns. The people that I love do too. I don't apologize for that.


Anonymous said...

Good for Texas. But why is it necessary to pass such laws when the constitution guarantees such right?

Brian said...

Some states pass laws prohibiting possession, or more specifically carrying a gun concealed or on a college campus...thereby ensuring that only a criminal will have a gun on campus.

That's when its time to break the law. I mean that. The state has no right to deny anyone the means to protect themselves.

We saw what happened at the Detroit Police Station.

You see the people who pass laws like this actually think criminals will obey them. In stead, only law abiding people obey them and then the criminals slaughter them. This very event is well documented...and I wished I had a gal who lived thru the massacre at a restaurant down south...ugh...trying to remember where I read that.

rawmuse said...

I carry when I can, which is to say, never, as my state makes me a criminal when I do so. They have the badges and guns, what do I have? Sometimes a gun, usually not. The only time I carry is when I expect to get mugged, which, in my locale, is a statistical certainty, if you go out often enough. I am a peaceful guy, But, if you mug me, I mug back. Fair is fair. I have mugged the muggers six times so far. I have their weapons. They have their lives, and not much else. Certainly not their dignity. In one case I got their pants. So it goes. Never a dull moment in the big city. Oh yeah, how many of those six times was a cop around? Exactly none. Moral of the story, don't f*ck with the old guy out walking his dog.

Brian said...

Faced with a decision to protect myself or break the law, I break the law. Sure, if there is some path to compliance I try to follow it...

The state has lost it's collective mind. It is no longer trustworthy.

In 1991, at a Luby's Restaurant in Killeen, Tx. Noboby had a gun to stop a madman who crashed hru the front of the store and killed 23 people, mostly women. Had somebody been armed there or in Tucson, the body count might have been a lot less.

It begs the question...had some guy like me put an end to some guy like him...possessing a gun illegally let's say...would I get charged, sued?

Those Detroit cops are alive for two reasons. They didn't just stand there and get killed. They found cover and they shot back.