Monday, February 21, 2011

We Have Seen The Enemy, They Are Who We Thought They Were; Welcome to the Grand National Distraction

On some obscure blog, this may be the most important thing that gets written here. Only a few will see it. Most have gone about the business of forgetting already.

The money supply. Ask 100 people how money is created and maybe one or two people can actually answer that question. On Wall Street those odds would go up. On Main Street in Wichita, Kansas, or Peoria, Illinois, those odds would go down.

You might think the opposite would be true. But it's not. People are simply ignorant when it comes to the money supply and how that effects them. Ignorant on purpose, unwashed, because there is no profit in you understanding the truth. It's just as true here as it is in Cairo, Madison, or Zimbabwe. That's not a fluke. The people who benefit and profit from your lack of knowledge or ignorance have no vested interest in telling you how the money supply works. Because if you knew what they knew- they couldn't keep you enslaved. They couldn't keep profiting from a system that was completely transparent. People simply would not tolerate it.

Like hundreds of millions of Americans, Europeans, and Asians, I had no real sense of what money is or how it was created. I worked and I got paid. That's where it stopped and that's all the thought I gave that process. My own journey into the murky world of the money supply system started as a curiosity. It was a three year journey that culminated in what I would call the crown jewel. A book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island."

During the past week, you have witnessed the symptoms of what the people who control the money supply have caused. We have been witnessing symptoms in Illinois, in New Jersey, in California, in Madison, Wi. We are witnessing those symptoms in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Greece, Portugal, and  Ireland. We are witnessing those same symptoms in the United States. All the while corporate and political governance lulls us to sleep with whispered talk of recovery and inflated stock markets. Gone are the tax revenues based on inflated property taxes and income taxes, the bankers have fled the ship.

Riots, food disruptions, oil shortages, and civil unrest are merely symptoms. They are symptoms of a disease. The disease is the money supply and central bankers. They have their boots on our throats. Make no mistake about this. Their fingerprints are at every crime scene. And while they light the fuse and sneak out the back door, they leave us with the carnage. And we become distracted. We argue about public unions. We argue about underfunded pension systems. We fight amongst ourselves. We label the left and the right, we call each other names, as each side struggles to make superficial cuts on a money supply and creation system designed to strip the masses of their wealth and deliver it to bankers.

Imagine being a central banker in a debt driven money creation system like the one we have now. You control the quantity of money, that's how you make more money. You must continually create debt to increase the money supply via fractional banking. So you flood the world with cheap debt. You give everyone with warm blood a mortgage. You let everyone with warm blood take out more loans against some make believe equity. You create more debt and wealth for yourself by reselling those loans worldwide. You finance more debt by insuring all of those bad loans. You finance a war in the middle. Eventually the whole Ponzi scheme collapses. You and your central banker brethren have done this throughout the world. You, the central banker stayed whole, because you got yours first. You lit the fuses in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, the U.S. You will finance the wars to follow because war is debt creation. It is money to you.

How quickly our memories fade. Everyone forgets about you. We are busy putting out fires everywhere. The wealth transfer to the bankers and elite is finished. Nothing has changed. In Ireland one month, in Egypt the next month, in Madison, Wisconsin the month after that. People losing their wealth and benefits. States completely broke. And you snicker at how stupid the people are as they struggle and fight over the lingering symptoms. All because the people don't understand how you flooded our world with easy credit and prompted a systemic collapse. Well, most of them anyway.

An excellent case in point. This article is very well written. However, the writer is completely distracted and calls this a "taxpayer war." It's not. Were we having these discussions prior to the banking collapse? Of course not. Welcome to the national distraction.

More symptoms here: 

Those of us who try to preserve what little wealth we have left- see what's coming. We are the minority. We anticipate that bankers will be planning to eliminate gold and silver. Trying to outlaw the only wealth storage, the only competition, against the worthless fiat they have created. Force us back into a Three Shell Monty debt game that we can't possibly win. Using a bought and paid for Thugocracy that will make it so.

What has changed since 2007, some four years ago? Nothing. The masses still don't know who the bad guys are. They were allowed to escape. The people now turn their attention to public unions, the largesse of the left's welfare, the tax cuts given to the right's elite. People howl on political blogs. Take sides. Scream and fight. They fight over the symptoms while the underlying disease goes unnoticed. The parasitic banker survives because they escape detection. They remain dormant until our next illness- where predictably- they will escape once again as we scurry about trying to fix one symptom while another one pops up.

We have seen the enemy, you are who we thought you were.


Anonymous said...

This is why I am glad I found you, my friend!

You are one of the few I have found that really understands the scope of this problem.
I have only been able to convince very few (and not anyone in my immediate family) that this is going to end badly. I talk and present all the facts, and most just REFUSE to believe it. I only have one friend who is starting to prepare...

You are a blessing to those of us with our eyes open!

God help the rest of them!

Anonymous said...

So when the bankster and their puppets take us into World War III and install their new world order and make it illegal own, sell, or trade gold or silver....

You can't stop these bastards by exposing them because 98% of the people won't believe you. I want to scream; but who would hear me?

Got that passport yet?

Brian said...

My passport appointment is on Thurs. I have defensible ground near the Canadian border. So when these bastards try to do that, I am slipping over the border into Canada. The first safety deposit box I find gets adorned with Idaho silver and pamps. Maple leafs go home.

In the anonymous internet world- people might think we are nutjobs, Jim. I'm ok with that. I paid my college tuition with silver once...and back then- shit wasn't nearly as bad as now. This time around- it is all stealth and smokescreens- but the problem is far worse.

Say hi to your latest exiled ruler if you see him!


Reg T said...

How would someone who believes in karma determine the names, faces and whereabouts of these bankers? If/when TSHTF, how would someone who chose fulfillment through demanding a final accounting from these bankers locate them? Inquiring minds want to know, and confess to coming too late to the table to figure it out themselves.

Brian said...

Reg...sometimes life has a way of settling the score. Let's just say a few of us will remember the humble beginnings of this shitstorm. Brian Sack, Geithner, Paulson, Greenie, Dimon, Blankfein, Mozilo, Frank, Dodd, More. Imprinted. You were always on my mind...Willie song...

Brian said...

Oh yea, and Blythe Masters. How could I forget her?