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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Huckabee Now Using "Frankenstein" Adjective to Describe Obamacare

Interesting. Come to think of it, that 2300, 2600, or 2700 page monstrosity of a health care bill probably qualifies for the term. Throw in the FED, the tax code, and the people dreaming up this garbage and somehow it all makes sense.

I will remember Huckabee as the Governor who pardoned a prison inmate for what seemed to be an outrageous sentence of 60 years for burglary at age 17. That same inmate killed four police officers in Washington State. Clearly the cops in that case, the prosecutor, and the sentencing judge knew something that Governor Huckabee didn't.

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rawmuse said...

Yeah, that pardon was an unforgivable sin for a Governor. I plan to make sure that every Huckabee supporter I meet knows about that. A man capable of a failure of judgment of that magnitude is unfit for office.