Monday, February 21, 2011

A Guy That Likes Ron Paul, Thinks Hyper Inflation is a Certainty? Gold at 8000?

Where do they get these whackjobs?

I dunno. But thank gawd they do. Say hello to one of my recent additions to the blog roll. The Hard Right Edge. After seeing the Turk video, thinking I need more gold. It's up huge in the futures market today and the shit is expensive. Cheaper at 1410 than 8000.

The best thing about the Turk video is that he explains why banks hate gold. (and silver) He also addresses a very serious concern of mine. That our banker controlled government- once it can no longer manipulate the price of gold and silver will simply outlaw it and confiscate it. That's when I give the U.S. a middle finger wave. My passport appointment is Thurs. and get this- the gal calls and asks if I will be traveling soon. I said honey, I don't know. I am not planning on traveling- I am planning on evacuating. Silence. She kept my appointment. Probably- she thinks I killed the neighbor kids.


Scottj88 said...

I'm that guy... I sit around all day and look at information. I look forward to helping others discover what I see. Looks like this website has a similar train of thought.
Feel free to contact me anytime, or ask me a question... I like to research and have already done a lot of it in the past 3-4 years...
To the author,
I am always up for sharing tin foil hat banter

Brian said...

Scott...forgot to embed your link. I am a moron. Thanks for checking in and writing. One virtual ((hug))