Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well Maybe Online Gambling is Ok, As Long As We Get Our Cut

In another installment of government extortion, here is a quick summary.

The government went to great lengths to shut down internet gambling. You don't have the right to spend your money the way you want. Government will tell you what to do their money.

Instead of debating the issue, like honest men and women- and fearing all those lost votes of bankrupt wives everywhere, the spineless legislators slid banning internet gambling into a bill that had absolutely nothing to do with that issue. That's why guys like me couldn't understand how that feat was accomplished. I was playing poker on line in 2006, the next thing you know, I had to shut it down. Heaven forbid, federal stormtroopers would come in and seize my computer and of course I would lose my job in some shameful event. (It's apparently ok if Suzie Jackson buys 15 pairs of shoes and a few nighties on line) Initially, I couldn't figure out what had happened because these spineless morons-couldn't do something as simple as draw up a specific bill, title it appropriately- and debate it. That would be transparent. They had to sneak it in another bill that would pass.

Once again, government has ABSOLUTELY no right to legislate social issues and this qualifies. Get out of my private life.

Well now it seems, they have had a change of heart. What changed? Well as long as they get a piece of the action- then all of those morality issues get tossed aside.

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