Sunday, September 9, 2012

I, Moron- The Sunday Collage

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you were absolutely positive that the worldwide village idiot Olympics were being held in your city?

That's how my week went. By this morning, I had to ask myself the appropriate question.

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Was it me, or was it them? I had to be honest with myself. I landed on them. And as I crept up the passenger side of a Jeep Cherokee on the four laner yesterday in heavy traffic, I watched as a woman put makeup on while gazing into her mirror and steering with her wrists. I knew this week was truly something special.

The morons have landed.

The difference between myself and most idiots- is that I know I am an idiot. This gives me a huge leg up on the competition. It allows me to attain a level of consciousness and in fact- it is my secret weapon. It is a weapon that not one person has ever tried to wrestle from my grasp.

I am not kidding you when I tell you- that I have had a number of former prison inmates who I work with (voluntarily) tell me what's wrong with me and how I should live my life. I cannot begin to describe that level of unconsciousness. I often look at them in awe and disbelief. I have everything I want and probably more than I deserve. I am happy.

I think, and this is how my simple mind works, that I'm probably not going to ask some guy doing a seven year stretch for robbery- for pointers on how to live my life. Here is the really, really interesting part. These people rarely- if ever- think there is something wrong with them. I am not kidding. Even after a seven year pit stop. They all think that they are smarter, wiser than the next guy. But it's not just them. It's a cultural epidemic. Just look at our current "leadership."

I might very well have not discovered the depths of my own idiocy without the help of Tolle's, "A New Earth." It's like a Chilton's Repair Guide for Morons, insert year. I actually cringed as I read parts of that book. 

That type of critical thinking- the mere possibility that you might be a moron- is forever lost on our culture. They see nothing useful in it. Everyone these days, apparently comes pre packaged with all of the self intelligence they will ever need. Thus they spend their time on the remaining critical life tasks. Fiddling with cellphones and dusting blush on in traffic. Fighting for the closest parking spot at the gym. Asking stupid questions in class and yes...there are stupid questions. Wearing earbuds. Watching garbage on television. Isolating themselves from others as they go about fulfilling their own wants and desires. Never coming to the aid of another.

But every once in a great while- I stumble onto a complete idiot like me. Someone actually mulling over the outlandish possibility that they might be the problem. When that happens- it's like a great reunion. Two people willing to admit that yes, they have never felt quite right in this meat suit that adorns the exterior. That they have always felt just a little uncomfortable around others and have recently become willing to accept that something must change and improve within them. 

Father Des would say, in a world where everyone thinks that they have the credentials to teach- finally a student has arrived.

And when you find someone like that- oh so rare- I often stop to consider the larger possibilities. How far might we evolve as a culture if all of our people realized that indeed- they were morons? Idiots like us. There's just no telling what we could achieve.



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