Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Frankenstein Government Still Attracting High Brow Types

The readers of Frankenstein Government have one thing in common. Uncanny intelligence coupled with intuitive logic. 

You may not have to dress up to read this blog, but it doesn't hurt. This ain't the fucking dollar store. So in that "circumlocuous" fashion that has made this blog so brilliant- let the buffoonery begin.

(I am proud that the spell checker does not recognize the word, "circumlocuous.")

Years ago, I worked with this Moonbat city clerk who had perfected a couple of useful people skills. Predominantly, she was the absolute U.S. champion in terms of ass kissing and brown nosing. In fact, that woman elevated ass kissing to such lofty and stratospheric levels- that she was able to eliminate all of her detractors (one of them being me) and become city manager where she dwells to this very day. She currently makes six figures while accomplishing virtually nothing- except making her subordinates kiss her ass in some form of city government apprenticeship that never ends. But the main reason that I mention her here- is that she had this odd habit of using giant words during our city staff meetings on Tuesdays. I think she figured that using at least one giant word each week at the staff meeting would help her sound really smart to those of us who would unwittingly become her subordinates one day.

Now I know what salmagundi is and what pusillanimous means. But I would never walk into a staff meeting and use those kinds of words.

When I was a kid growing up in Butte and used a word with two or three syllables that nobody recognized, maybe like the word "vagina" for instance, my friends would look at me like I had just been dropped off from some far away planet. Quite possibly, one of those friends might pipe up and say, "Who says shit like that? "Va...gi...nahhh." Not only was the public isolation and embarrassment severe, but every once in awhile your friends might turn on you and beat you up.

I saw that happen to Frankie Lombardi one time. We were in the 7th grade. He had used the word salmagundi in public and that is why I mention it here. I don't think it was that particular word necessarily- that set that horrible chain of events into motion that day. Instead, I think that the kids were just sick of Frankie and his high brow vocabulary. They beat him bad. He was so scared of those kids after that day that I once heard Frankie describe spaghetti as long, skinny noodles covered with sauce rather than risk another ass whipping. So I knew the possibilities early on. Start using vocabulary and big words that people do not recognize- and risk greeting the pavement with your face.

Oddly, a few people fall through the cracks. I don't know precisely where they come from but I know this. They say and use humongous words and get away with it. There is no way that these people could be from the west. I think they are probably folks from the northeast or lawyers. They use words like "arbitrary" or "capricious" or in some stern lawyer voice say stupid things like, "That bond amount is absolutely draconian, your honor."

This is the very shit I used to hear the Moonbat city clerk say. Someone should have beat her up a long time ago.

So everyday, I read "naked capitalism." Every blog on there reminds me of Frankie. Written by some woman with a pen name of "Yves." Rhymes with Jeeves. Heh. She would not have lasted five seconds in Butte. http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/

I like to think that I attract the best and the brightest not because I can use a big word here or there- but because the people who read this blog know the inherent dangers. They understand. They don't want to me to wind up like Frankie. Or worse.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya - been ridiculed for using words as well - let's see, I think I said that something (a sewer we were standing next to or something) had a "rank" smell (which m-w.com says this: 6: offensive in odor or flavor; especially : rancid 7: putrid, festering - so I used it correctly) and got made fun of whether or not it was a "sergeant or general" etc.

Even as an adult, I've been pretty much singled out for disdain by a semi-literate guy in our car club who I think was just threatened by his own lack of knowledge...don't hang out w/him any more needless to say.

Well, all I can say is that it sometimes sucks to be smarter than others, but you have some control over how smart they think you are...on the other hand, There's No Cure For Stupid. I'll take Smart With Bruises every time.


Anonymous said...

You, sir, are a cunning linguist, which the chicks really dig, let me tell you.