Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Criminals Kill Innocent Americans, Obama Apologizes to Killers*Updated

Update. The "Innocence of Muslims" trailers on You Tube are allegedly the cause of the murderous behavior from followers of Islam. The trailers are poorly done and really represent free speech at it's worst. But that's free speech. It can be nasty. It is no excuse for murdering people- nor should the first thing out of Obama's mouth be an apology. Who speaks for the millions of Americans who don't condone malicious attacks like those found in those trailers?

I am so sick of this bastard. Really. I am so beyond party bashing- I simply have never witnessed a more inappropriate cowardly human being- pretending to do a job.

Islam and some of the sick bastards that practice this cowardly religion think it's ok to kill people simply because Americans exercise free speech when we say, maybe, Islam sucks. In fact, maybe Mohammad was full of shit.

I've read the Quran. I wouldn't be a member of that religion under any circumstances. It's not a religion. It's a philosophy of hate.

I'm not sure whether these statements are inaccurate or not. I'm not sure whether it is foreign press propaganda being espoused here that says the motive behind the embassy killings- was the badmouthing of Islam. Maybe it wasn't. Who knows. What I am positive about is this.

This type of incident does not entitle those mideast bastards to kill a few Americans. That Obama has Hillary craft an apology for free speech defies all common sense and essentially condones the killings.

I am fucking outraged at the lack of leadership in this country. I would gladly exchange this coward in the White House for the life of any person serving this country who was killed on foreign soil.

What I am going to do here is link an article from Ben Stein. Ben uses this incident to wax poetic for Romney. Our next ineffective leader.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? Obama is a muslim (how the greasy little turd ever gained the presidency, especially when one considers that it was muslims who murdered 3000 New Yorkers only a few short years ago, is mind boggling).

Anonymous said...

Obama and Hillary were behind the uprising in North Africa since they took office. They own the "Arab Spring" and anybody with their eyes open could have predicted these attack would happe. But, no, they are all buddy buddy with the Muslim Brotherhood. They should both be charged with treason.

BTW, I am leaving this message at all of my stops today. You and your readers may want to come by my place today to learn of an alert about "Blogger Idenity Theft". Everybody needs to know what is happening.

On top of my identity being stolen to harass maggie at maggie's Notebook, today I find that I can not comment on other WordPress sites. I don't know if the two things are related and i have been unable to contact WorPress. What a mess!