Thursday, May 24, 2012

Throwing Out Obamacare...Chop Chop

Yesterday, I was doing the annual insurance review with my agent. She is a good looking blonde gal with big boobs. I always arrive early.

At any rate, we stumbled onto the health insurance question. I told her quite simply that I was waiting for the Supreme Court to throw out Obamacare. Then the health picture would be less cloudy. She asked me if I was sure that was going to happen. I responded with laughter.

Can you imagine the pent up demand of 40 or 50 million people that have no health insurance and are sitting idly by while waiting for this monstrosity to take effect? Like me?

What Obamacare and all health plans hope to do, is capture healthy plan participants- strip away their premiums- and deliver that dough to unhealthy people, care providers, and big pharma. Of course they scoop off a big profit for themselves. Health care before Obamacare and after- is the purest form of socialism ever conceived on our soil.

Here's the rub- the part that liberals just can't comprehend. We can't afford this. Period. Forget all those bullshit arguments about what is fair, or right, or just. Forget about the fact that Dear Leader will look stupid. Forget that it is unconstitutional. All of that matters not. It will bankrupt us.

Let me say one last thing. If you pass a law that will not take effect for three years- you have no business passing that law. Period. If you pass a law then allow political cronies and business allies to opt out- the law is no good. Obamacare is just so wrong on so many levels. It is simply theft.

Can you imagine the millions of type II diabetics coming to term in the same decade that the biggest demographic- the boomers are looking for free health care- while expecting smaller demographic groups with reduced wages to pay the freight? Oh yea, that pencils out.

It would be very hard to find a way to fuck up health care anymore than it already is in this country. Obamacare accomplishes that.

So the Supremes have heard the arguments. How many months will it take to render their opinion? Let's hope it's sometime sooner than the first Wednesday in November.

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Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that the Greeeks, Mr. Moonbeam of California, Paul Kruman, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and, Obama are all supid? Imagine that!