Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeder Cattle, Oil Industry Giving Us Holiday Sodomy, The VP Crashes, Thank You For Your Service

I'm not sure wtf a feeder cattle is. This I know. It is the only commodity that is not at the bottom end of the years' price range. Geezus. Do not ask God to return you as a feeder cow. This ain't exactly the life of Riley.

At any rate, the whole commodity complex has been getting crushed as the world realizes that not only is there no recovery- but that a whole lot of contraction and money printing- is taking place. The bankers just can't keep this bus from going off the cliff. It is a worldwide problem and the central bankers, ours especially, are desperately trying everything they can to maintain power, control, and greed. But God love those thieving bastards- I think they are going to get their asses kicked.

Oil prices are at 7 month lows. Back in late November, a gallon of gas was about 40 cents cheaper at retail on average nationwide (3.31) than it is today. This reflects the oil producers, refiners, and retailers who absolutely love to gouge us every holiday season. Of course the run up in oil prices that started in February was completely false and predicated on a bunch of bullshit cooked up and manufactured by countries, governments, oil producers, speculators, retailers and every other player who stood to profit. Apparently they got tired of watching slumping oil prices each winter and decided this year to cook up some bullshit to keep prices elevated. So the sodomy continues.

On Wednesday, the Vice President got involved in a horrific crash. This was not widely reported anywhere. I have exclusive rights to the story.

In Boise, my mother is the Vice President of her homeowners association. This is a group of people who peer out of their windows and raise hell if you paint your trim lavender. Or fix lawnmowers in your garage. You cannot park on the street or have a nasty ass satellite dish poking up anywhere. Residents garden in labcoats and if a leaf so much as lands in the gutter anywhere near your home, you get some sort of notice affixed to your forehead.

At any rate, the Vice President was on her way home from work Wednesday when a lunatic came barreling through a particularly bad merge lane on Broadway Av. in Boise wherein occupants mistakenly think they have the right of way. This caused the Vice President to swerve and get involved in some sort of sideswipe collision. Of course the shitbag who caused this mess- kept going before the Vice President could get a shot off. So it is, I have been trying to talk the VP into getting a new car. Her car, a Mercury Sable, has performed flawlessly for 14 years and has barely cracked 100k. The Vice President travels back and forth to work each day dodging the shitheads, most of the time, who enter that merge lane. It is time the VP gets a new car, something befitting her lofty position which sometimes requires affixing a notice to a ne'er do well's forehead.

Item last. I have told this story before. I always think of it on Memorial Day weekend.

Years ago, I was playing cards in beautiful Pahrump, Nv. Playing next to me was a Vietnam Vet with no legs in a wheelchair. We got to bullshitting and I told him I was a cop (maybe 15 years at that time) and eventually we decided to dine together. After we had finished dinner, I was leaving and as we exchanged goodbyes, he said "thank you for your service." This man with no legs said that to me. It caught me so off guard that I did a Cliff Clavin sort of thing, vapor locked. I'm not even sure I returned the thank you. Well, at least not that day.

I see public service so much differently now. I have heard the leftists rail against war and our soldiers. I have heard the cop haters ad nauseum. That's kind of sad. Try to find something else to hate- like bankers. Even today, I see the well intentioned mentality among the kids who sign up for the military. They believe in service and freedom even if others don't. You don't have to like the wars, or even our government, but what you ought to do is respect the mission and the sacrifice of the men and women who die protecting our freedoms. On a day and weekend reserved for our soldiers, past, present, and future...find a couple of veterans and thank them for their service.

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