Monday, May 21, 2012

Institutional Investors Now Unloading Fadebook

The greatest stock scam of the year.

A company with puny earnings, with no real future earnings visibility or growth, with no barriers to competition- had a stock offering issued at 38 bucks. It is down 5 bucks today as those highly valued clients- the ones that get access to hot offerings- try to unload this stock upon the hoi polloi with no access on Friday. Fuckers, I hope they choke on it.

In other news, Fadebook Captain Zuckerberg got married the day after the IPO. That way, years from now after his new wife has had enough of his shit, he will be able to chop up his 100 billion or so that much easier...I hate it when people refer to fleecing the general public, or preserving wealth at the expense of what is supposed to be I guess by those standards, I will never be smart. Oh well...

Wow. I am predicting Fadebook under 20 bucks a share by years end. Very easy money. Just like shorting Bank of America at 20. Or Countrywide at 38. Heh.

They won't let you short it today though....

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