Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Huffpo Summary

Gawd help me, there are only three pre-requisites for reading shit on Huffington Post.

First you must be a flaming liberal that believes that nothing is more important than fantasy and availing yourself of responsibility and turning it over to the state. Secondly, you must lead the kind of narcissistic and superficial life that finds articles on Huffpo enlightening. And thirdly, you must avail yourself of any intelligence or common sense- that amount which may elevate you to some level beyond that of a tapeworm. 

Then settle in for a good read.

Go find a kitchen counter or a staircase. Find something to write about. Is this what you people find interesting? A discussion about mattresses? Geezus, you people are fucking morons. No wonder we got Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama. Now Romney or Obama. It all makes sense, doesn't it?

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Bearded Youth said...

The people who read these articles and find them interesting are the same people who tune into TMZ, Hollywood Insider, and E Entertainment every night to worship at the alter of Kardashian, Seacrest, and Gaga.