Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Sunday Collage- For Men Around 40-50

I thought it might be fun each Sunday to do a kind of "week in review" thing. Most of us are pretty busy so I thought Sunday would be a good spot to pass on some observations I have made during the week. Things that I have stumbled across which might be useful or helpful. Other simple things. Today I thought I would center on a testosterone and pain killing cocktail that I have been working on.

Men Around 50

For quite some time, I have been engaged in a war with my body. This month I committed to running 200 kilometers. That may have been ambitious. I am currently at 86.2 km. I am amazed at a couple of things. My inability to lose weight (belly fat) and my constant dieting and exercising- and the amount of chronic pain I feel in my joints. Primarily my ankles and feet- but also my knees.

Something is wrong with that picture.

So I am going to tell you what I did. You must do your own research and due diligence. I do not want you croaking and your heirs suing me. Or writing nasty comments from your deathbed like those Huffpo dipshits.

Last weekend, I noted an advertisement that said by the age of 50- most men lose half of their testosterone among other things. As I studied up on this, it made a lot of sense that this might be my core problem. Personally, I am sick of going to doctors, getting gouged unmercifully for the time, taking prescriptions that cost a fortune, only to find they don't work that well. Not working well is something I can do on my own for free.

So here was my goal. Find over the counter products that will boost testosterone levels and help with chronic pain. That way I surmised, I could lose some fat, get more energy, and maybe lose some of this fat. Mr. Happy would benefit as well. So I embarked on a weekend long study of about 20 hours. I eliminated anything that might interfere with my blood thinner. I ruled out standard over the counter pain medications- honestly I don't trust them and most of them interfere with my blood thinner. On Monday, I bought everything I needed. I have been surprised at the results. Here is the cocktail.

Astaxanthin was part of a libido cocktail that also had anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting properties. I had never heard of it. I was surprised. The more I read about it- the more I liked it. However it is fat soluble. The only way to absorb it is with an oil. Unless you can find Red Whale krill- I couldn't- which has superior levels of readily absorbed astaxanthin. I bought some fish oil. I also threw in some cheap Vitamin D3 based primarily on this article which nicely summarizes all three items.

I bought some Saw Palmetto. Both to boost testosterone and to help with prostate health. A lot of people think it helps stop hair loss. I was kind of iffy about saw palmetto- but so far so good. It interferes with the common anti-inflammatory type- over the counter medications. It has no real side effects.

Quercetin with Bromelain. Quercetin is another relatively unknown quantity, an enzyme. It has cancer fighting properties along with anti inflammatory properties. It is also believed to increase energy. Quercetin filled a lot of what I was looking for.

DHEA. I found DHEA to be the most controversial supplement. Many people liked it- others hated it and thought it was a waste of time. Some thought it might even be dangerous. It supports a lot of what I was looking for so I got some. I have developed a nasty twitch and my left eyelid droops. But I think it's worth it. Aw c'mon now- I am just kidding.

Turmeric. I have been taking Turmeric for a long time. Turmeric is magic. Ya wanna hear something odd? I never bought it for reasons related to skin. But my skin color and tone have improved. No wrinkles. It is a killer of free radicals. It has blood thinning properties as well. Hit the mute button fast.

Male Response. This is kind of a catch all for anything that I might have missed in the cocktail. Here's the ingredient list.

Clearly a week on this mega cocktail is not enough time. But this is what I have noticed so far. Mr. Happy has been very happy. I may not achieve 18 year old testosterone levels but that is ok. I walked around with a limp in high school.

Weight loss. Too soon to tell although I feel skinnier.

Energy levels. My energy levels have increased. I am actually having a hard time sleeping but I am ok with that. My endurance and speed on the treadmill have increased.

Joint pain. Has gotten a tad worse. I think this is because I have more endurance and I have been running faster and longer.

Please do your own due diligence and research. Growing old is not for pussies. I figure I'm gonna stay with this regimen at least through the summer. If things don't get better, my back up plan is beer and smokes.


Bearded Youth said...

Damn I love to smoke. The Omega 3 Red Krill Oil is at Wally World but it is a little spendy.

Brian said...

Shit, I never even thought to look there.