Monday, April 16, 2012

Confessions of a Big Time Blogger

Wow. It has taken almost three years to get to a quarter million hits.

Mostly that was me, opening and closing each page. My fingers hurt. Editing. Muscle contractions and carpal tunnel.

So I'm sure most of you are thinking, "What's the life of a bigtime blogger like, Brian?" Of course you are. Just because you asked, I will tell you that I love to write. I love to write about the human condition. But mostly I like to write about the people nobody cares about. Studs Terkel, Mike Royko, and my mother- taught me that.

You know who fascinates me the least? Those folks who are fascinated with themselves. One percent of the people get 99% of the money and attention. The rest of us are invisible. Are we really that insignificant? Is that how it is? The working class in this country have nothing to contribute? Is that why we get to read and hear from the same stooges day after unmerciful day? Like Warren Buffet. His fifteen minutes of fame has no end. He is an expert on everything, just ask him.

Geezus. If we enforced a media blackout of movie stars, famous idiots like Kardashian and Hilton, athletes, politicians, and Warren Buffet...what would be left?

When was the last time you heard just one of those people, see ^^^ above, mention that they are grateful for anything? Go ahead. Clip it and put it in the comment box. You know why you don't remember seeing that?  Because they don't know what gratitude is. It never happens- and if you don't possess some level of humility- you simply aren't going to understand how lucky you are compared to others. That's where gratitude comes from.  The "entitled" have no sense of that.

We all need gratitude and humility. What we don't need is more self centered ego. We've got that ingredient covered quite nicely. A full fledged glut.

Last week, I met a young lady, about 30, who is going to die soon. She is legally blind, has stage 3 kidney disease and other illnesses, is completely broke, and lives in an RV. She has chronic pain. Trying to find a job when you are blind and spend half of your life in clinics and hospitals- is hard. Just not a lot of call for that kind of resume'.

And what do you suppose she told me? She told me how grateful she was for her life and her son. She told me how grateful she was to have a roof over her head and for her loyal friends. She didn't whine about her pain, her lack of money, her dialysis, or her blindness. No life ain't fair shit came out of her mouth. Yet, she had every right to. And could have.

That is important stuff. That has value and meaning.

That's how it's been for me. I like it here. Thank you for making it worthwhile. I am grateful.


One Guy 2012 said...


Warm and wonderful post. This may sound odd to say, but your lady friend who is dying is amazing. Very amazing.

The only jock I can think of who is grateful would be Tim Tebow. Of course, he's just another pro-Life radical fanatical Bible-thumper, but he's wise enough and humble enough to bow before God Most High and call Him as Savior. I do quite like that young man.

I've been up and running for 8 weeks and just crested 10500 hits. The readers make it possible. Keep putting out a solid blog and you gots nuthin' to worry 'bout.


a911Chick said...

Always am interested in what you have to say........and of course, I enjoy that warped cop humor!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as the young lady you mentioned, she is one of the brave souls that you rarely run into~someone who is grateful-and makes you think about what you have in your own life, and not a whiner-when most of us are just too spoiled, and don't pay enough attention. May God bless her and her child. Hugs, Chief!