Monday, April 16, 2012

Obama Calls For Rigorous Secret Service Investigation, Ya Know Like The Kind He Endured

Dope smoking, coke snorting President Obama is calling for a thorough and rigorous investigation into the activities of the Secret Service in Columbia. Hummergate.

Perhaps this is the same rigorous style of investigation that Obama himself has had to endure. You know that one. The one where he had to turn over all of his college transcripts, his draft registration card, explain those weird social security numbers, produce his passport, and tell us how much he got in foreign aid. Furnish the name of a girlfriend or two. That sort of thing.

Barack "My Life Is An Open Book" Obama. Read the second paragraph. Very rich.

Time Magazine has some photos of their man of the year, Presidential Elect Barack Obama, as a Freshman at Occidental college. The pictures were taken in 1980 by then-aspiring photographer Lisa Jack who recently dug the negatives out from her basement. She put her negatives of Obama, a whole roll of film, in a safety deposit box until after the election so the photos couldn’t be used against him in any way. One photo of Obama smoking looks like he could be smoking pot given the way he’s holding the cigarette. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Time editor Rick Stengel “what’s he smoking?
Obama admitted to past marijuana and brief cocaine use in his first memoir, Dreams from My Father. The future President has said that it’s not a secret that he’s done stupid things. “I think that, at this stage, my life is an open book, literally and figuratively. Voters can make a judgment as to whether dumb things that I did when I was a teenager are relevant to the work that I’ve done since that time.” It helped Obama in the election that revelations about his youthful indiscretions were pretty old news by the time he was running for the highest office.

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