Thursday, April 19, 2012

Government Ordering You To Buy Black Boxes, Seizing Your Passport

Wow. This government is like a nightmare that never ends. They are not going to stop until they have a collar and leash for each one of us and convince us it's for our own good. 

Not only is Congress requiring that all cars be equipped with black data boxes by 2015- but of course you will pay for them. This will also grant government the opportunity to nab the information and track you. Also in this bill, is a provision for anyone that ALLEGEDLY owes taxes in excess of 50k, to have their passport rescinded.

If you are a bonafide statist, you will read this and think, "gosh that's a good idea." If you have an IQ greater than 90, if you love freedom and realize that this government is seizing yours, then you will be just as outraged as I was after reading this story.

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