Friday, January 13, 2012

What The Elite Know

Yesterday I was doing my unconscious rounds of the dashboard when I stumbled onto Republican Mother's site.

I don't know who Republican Mother is. I will tell you this. I like her. A lot. In fact, I have never disagreed with a single thing she has written or commented on. She is razor sharp. So it was that I read this piece.

She had embedded a video by John Taylor Gatto. Gatto is a retired NY educator, a free thinker, and anti-establishment.  Please do not forget that name. From about 3 PM yesterday until 1 AM, I did nothing but watch and listen to you tube videos of this man. I rinsed and repeated that same exercise this morning for another two hours. Why?

Because John Taylor Gatto solved one of the greatest riddles of my life. What makes the elite different from the rest of us? Why do they get access to the finest everything?

At the end of the day, it simply boils down to education. Of course. The elite must have had access to something I did not. I knew that inherently this must be true. I have observed the elite and their children throughout my life. If you are like me- the product of some shitty tax sponsored cattle training within the public school system- you have seen it as well. In fact, you have felt it. Had I lived my life immersed in some blue collar town- I would have received a lesser dose of elitism. As it stands, I received a very high and nearly fatal dose of elitism, living amongst the snobbery of Moonbat Valley.

There are three kinds of schools. I am offering a vague representation or opinion. This is my summary.

Lets suppose we are looking at a vertical tube or chart, like those used to illustrate accomplished goals on fund raising events. The bottom 10% of that tube is occupied by the people who drop out or simply can't function within any type of formal classroom. They are either financially constrained, emotionally or psychologically constrained, or perhaps even mentally handicapped. For whatever reason, they simply cannot function within our educational system. They drop out. Their classroom becomes the school of hard knocks. Life becomes on the job training.

The next 85% of that vertical tube is occupied by the vast majority of us. State run school educated kids. We are the cattle. The curriculum for us is designed to produce obedient workers. We are made to memorize idiotic things like the Table of Elements not because we will ever use it- but so that we can demonstrate that we are willing to follow directions and memorize some useless fucking chart that will have no further meaning in our lives. This gives the elite use able information. Will this person do as he is told? Will he comply with orders? Is he well disciplined? Did he complete high school and four years of college? The elite and those hiring you are not particularly interested in your GPA, your intelligence, or your abilities- so much as they are interested in making sure that you are capable and compliant. Obedient. You will be eligible for hire for reasons that don't have a damn thing to do with intelligence or ability. In fact, I think most business hierarchies are threatened by intelligent people.

The last 5%, or the top of our tube, is occupied by the elite. They receive an entirely different education than the cattle sent to the state run educational systems. They learn social graces. They learn who is important, how to behave, and how to gain access to important people. They learn things that are extremely useful to enriching their lives. They learn how to behave and act rationally. They learned about the arts and activities that other elite people engage in. They learn these things in private boarding schools where access is generally only granted to those able to afford it. The elite Darwinian evolution is maintained via this educational system.

The wheat is separated from the chaff. The elite are screened and given access to the world of the elite.

Do I believe this? With absolute certainty. I have witnessed it and felt it, time and time again. If I learned anything from the rich and elite in Moonbat Valley it was this. Do I particularly care? No not really. Materialism was never my gig. I simply do not covet wealth. But I do find it interesting.

I am going to embed the first of several Gatto videos I watched last night. He is very intelligent but dry. The quality of the video is poor, particularly the sound. However as you watch and evaluate this guy, you just know that what he says is intrinsically true. Very enlightening stuff.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right.

It's no accident that the most useful information is not taught in school. That is information about money. How it is created, how debt works and how it is manipulated.

You can be damn sure that the elite teach there kids about money.

Instead, we teach our kids in public schools how to put condoms on cucumbers and are happy with that.

republicanmother said...

Glad to have been able to send you on a voyage of discovery there Brian.

Make sure you check out The Underground History of American Education by this guy:

Also good is the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Reagan Dept of Ed official Charlotte Iserbyt where she goes decade by decade and reproduces the Elite's plans for our education.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the youtube list url that's on "republican Mother", you can watch all segments in up to 1080p.

Worked for me at 720p, but 1080p generated an error.

At 720p, the quality is very good.

I read this guy's book about 10 years ago (apparently he has several books now), and was completely blown away by it...

rawmuse said...

One time I as a young man I got to visit a real "finishing school". It was Philips Exeter Academy. What a place. Very fortunate were the young men who got to go there. I was a public school grad, but fortunately I was interested in educating myself and thus managed to learn some things in spite of my lower economic status. If you want to learn anything today, you can do it. Never has knowledge been so cheap and wisdom so rare.

Anonymous said...

First time commenter here. I am studying to be a math teacher in a public school. During my studies, I stumbled upon this assignment on "buying a car".

The assignment is the students calculate the monthly payments for the car using a certain down payment and interest rate. A math lesson? Yes. But what else does it subtly teach? (To be a borrower. To borrow is the norm. How to be a consumer. The student is not a lender but a borrower. etc.) Do you think they would have this type of assignment at an elite school? Why is the question not asked, "How much money would you MAKE being the LOANER of money, (not the borrower)?" Or "How much money would you save paying CASH?"

It doesn't even OCCUR to the student that they might be able to pay CASH for a car! It doesn't even OCCUR to the teacher to TEACH the OTHER SIDE (lender side) of the equation.

Something about this assignment bothered me. After reading your post, I think I understand my reservations about this assignment. Good post. I think I will check out these sites. Maybe I can point some students in the right direction.

Always On Watch said...

Good find!

I'm going to get a copy of John Taylor Gatto's book Dumbing Us Down.

As one who has been teaching classes of homeschoolers for the past 15 years, I'm very interested in the topics presented by Gatto.