Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Try to Fight Back the Tears, Bring Your Compassionate "A" Game As You Read This

Has someone declared Jan 10th to be national "Idiot Day?"

Here is Michelle Obama, alone and frightened, as she wonders "What will my children do if they have to meet tourists in the White House?" http://news.yahoo.com/michelle-obamas-first-days-first-lady-alone-frightened-002933231--abc-news.html

Alone and frightened? Are you fucking kidding me? Were the Secret Service all watching tv? Tell your daughters to say "hi" Michelle. How's that for advice? I will never, ever, read that book.

Ya know, some days are better than others. Cruising the internet today has been absolutely fascinating. It's a target rich environment this morning, so much idiocy- so little time.

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