Sunday, January 8, 2012

Molon Labe!

Mo-lone lah-veh.

I don't like the left or the right much. It's an illusion of choice- carefully crafted so that a bunch of sheeple can go on pretending that there is some discern able difference about who runs this abomination of a government. March to the polls. And vote. It's your duty. Blah...blah...blah

The status quo, those in power, always triumph. Nothing changes. Because they don't want it to change. The elite like their wealth and power- just the way that it is.

There are people completely devoted to this "hate the left or hate the right" insanity. They are sheeple, unconscious sheeple that simply have not discovered that they are the problem. I pray they figure it out quicker than I did. I have learned to hate both of these mongrel parties. Hate is appropriate. I intensely dislike what they have done. They have bankrupted and ruined MY country.

My country? Yes. My family fought for our freedom. I paid my dues too. The elite don't pay shit. The two current front runners are both elite. Neither are military. If either of these men were the only thing standing between you and death- you'd be dead. Cowards. Rich little cowards.

And unlike the millions of people who will flock to the polls to pull levers for Obamney or Robama, I won't. I won't participate in ruining my country any further by voting for either of these two elite  bastards or their parties. I will not vote for the status quo. They have stolen our wealth and the American dream. It's not coming back.

They are going to try and make us pay that 16 trillion dollar tab they have rung up and I want to say good luck with that plan. I am not going to throw good money after bad. There are millions like me and millions more coming. This game is over.

The next time some "deep thinking" mainstream voter tells you that you are "wasting" your vote by not voting for either of our two parties- tell them this. Voting for either of these parties is destroying our country. We've got about 40 years worth of proof. Where was the win in that?

The solution is in a unified front and a third party. It is either that or a plunge off the cliffs of insanity. I'll tell you how I roll.

About the time somebody in a suit looks at me and says, "your money or your life" I'm gonna have to say something like..Molon Labe!


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT article. I'll hope for more of the same next time I visit here. Thank you, I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Voting is a waste of time but I don't think a third manipulating, abusing party is the answer. Maybe just a free-for-all every election with the fights lasting years during which nothing is done by Washington? And meantime life in the rest of the country goes on with little interference?

Brian said...

Maybe. Anything is better than this.

republicanmother said...

Heck yeah!
If RP doesn't make it through, I'm Johnson' it.
I swear, some of these people are so whipped up into the left/right thing that they are like extras for the 10 minute Hate scene in 1984.

hac5x3 said...

Brian - you're dead on. Problem is you're offering a non-solution. People vote against what's most important to the super-majority of Americans in favor of self-interest and moral positions. Both parties use these things to their advantage to divide. It's in the playbook. You take the average idiot and all you have to do is tell him/her you are anti-abortion, or pro-abortion or won't raise his taxes and then that is their focus. How do they get it done? Two ways (1) they feign a big fight and stand-off, get on your soap box and complain, then "cave " or "compromise" the elitist agenda or (2) they sell lies (for example: trickle down, that lower taxes for the wealthy create jobs, that free trade is good for America, that big oil needs to be subsidized).

Obama is the greatest front man they have ever had. Three free trade agreements, extends the Bush tax cuts, flip flops on NAFTA, and keeps the wars chugging along. Then signs off on legislation which could result in detention of American Citizens(?). And the idiots still love him - their sales line is "obstruction". Sorry I have to say we just doomed. Ever see that game Lemmings?