Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frankenstein Government, Fighting Inflation, Holds The Line On Subscription Prices at Rock Bottom Lows

It's a labor of love... that's for sure.

A couple of years ago, my girlfriend got into the habit of nagging me about writing every morning. This was before I was aware that women could sometimes nag. A lot. Eventually, I received the ultimatum. My laptop or her.

I think we all know how that turned out.

So after evaluating some old stuff I had written and then some new stuff- and then judging the quality of my work, it's obvious to me that I should just be thankful that anyone comes here at all.

With no pricing ability, no rewards, and no sex, (sans all that nagging) I realize that I should just be grateful that my readers don't ask me to send them a check in the comment section. Or direct me to some centralized tip jar.

It's all good. After the I.R.S. gives me my 300 million for turning in Jon Corzine, I'll make sure and give you loyal readers a slice. That's how I roll. Now if you'll forgive me I gotta go surf the web and find some more assholery to write about. FG


Left Coast Rebel said...

Let me know when the IRS cuts you that check and perhaps you can spread the wealth around a little here in the blogosphere ;)

shakealeg said...

Shit, I was disappointed that I don't live closer. I would have thrown all kinds of tile work in that new house of yours. Free of charge. I've been known to create a work of art or two. Just like your writing. :0)