Saturday, January 14, 2012

Football Saturday- The Sucker Line- Geaux Saints

I am a huge New Orleans Saints' fan. Primarily because I lived there for a year and loved it. On fall Sundays, when the team was in town, church services only lasted 44 minutes. Then we were out the door enroute to the Superdome.

Last night, I saw that the spread on the Saints-49ers tilt was -3.5 Saints. That is the consummate sucker line.

Football bettors, wise guys, know there is no better bet than a home dog in the playoff season. That angle, taking +3.5 and the 49ers today, has made me a lot of money over the years. Unfortunately, because I am a Saints fan- I can't do it. I did find one guy willing to take -3.

Of course there is no money involved. That would be illegal.

I have the same dilemma in the Bronco-Patriot tilt. Double digit favorites only cover about 30% of the time. Thus the Patriots at home and 13.5 favorites against Denver are dogs to cover the spread. I don't have the same interest in this game that I do in the first one. However, I am going to be rooting for Tebow because I am sick of Tom Brady. Brady has everything. Hall of fame, gobs of money, good looks and intelligence, and Giselle whats-her-name. I'm so sick of Boy Wonder that I'm all about divine intervention. But I don't think God really cares about football. Having said that...

the Broncos are going to get their asses kicked. But, I will be watching early just in case...

If I absolutely had to wager here, and there was a day when I always had to wager, I would be playing home teams today. But since I don't have to bet...I will be rooting for the visitors.


rawmuse said...

Sorry Chief, Maybe next time for the Saints. That was possibly the best game I have ever seen! My 9'ers pulled it off.

Brian said...

That was a great game and the niners deserved the win.