Saturday, October 1, 2011

CitiBank Now Following Bank of America, Stealing Money From Customers

Please take your money out of big banks. These are the banks that have socialized their losses via TARP and transferred those losses to taxpayers via treasury notes and the FED.

Now the insolvent big banks are going to steal 5 bucks a month from their customers. Please retaliate. This is what I did while dumping Wells Fargo two years ago. Find two local banks (one is a credit union the other is a small and local bank) and get two debit cards for redundancy. I selected these banks for free checking and these two perks. One of them waives ATM fees anywhere. The other gives me a free safety deposit box where I store my gold and silver until the government tries to steal that.

Here is the latest news from Zerohedge.

These crooked banks will survive just as long as you keep letting them plunder you. Don't vote for crooked politicians and please don't support crooked banks. You will be helping all of us. Feel free to send this link anywhere it might help...FG.

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