Monday, September 26, 2011

Frankenstein Government: Now Changing The Modus Operandi

I have been writing here for a little over two years. I have posted 1000 items. I don't know about you but I am getting bored. I am tired of writing dry, factual pieces about crooked bankers, crooked government, economics. Honestly, that stuff is stifling me. I need something different.

Life is a tragic comedy. People are nuts and they do some fantastically ridiculous and self centered shit. They control, they manipulate, they use weasel language and fear tactics to drive their points home. It is hard to ignore this insanity and in fact, I find it quite comedic. I want to take advantage of this.

Writing humorous stuff takes a lot of creativity and time. That type of writing demands a lot of thought and observation. Writing funny stuff requires the right frame of mind and honestly it is hard to conjure up the right mood on a consistent basis. That's been my experience anyway. I have often wondered how the most humorous writers can write consistently funny stuff. McManus, Royko, Barry, even Gary Larson. They always seem to fade away. I don't think it's a lack of material. I think it is simple burn out. Churning out worthwhile and humorous material  is difficult over a very long time frame.

Good readers make good writers. Who wants to waste their time reading a bunch of dry, uninteresting stuff? If I wanted to do that- I'd go back to school. Sometimes, I read very good writing but I can't stand the underlying themes. Sometimes manipulative writing is funny, but it is really designed and intended to make you think or believe a certain philosophy. I think of that as I read Ann Coulter or scan Ace of Spades HQ. They are certainly funny, snarky people...but I grow weary of their one track underlying philosophy. That egoic, think like me because I am smarter than you, follow us mentality.

The human ego, that false sense of self that all human beings possess, is like a comedic generator. In some people like Obama, ego is vast. It is like a giant untapped reservoir of funny shit because some people are so unconscious and unwilling to self examine. That level of unconsciousness is really pretty funny. Please read this blog's subtitle for a definition of those types.

I am going to try and change the theme of this blog to one that is predominantly humorous. There is a lot of whining and alleged suffering going on in the U.S. so I have that going for me. Wickedly funny stuff and giant egos. Plenty of material. I got a few ideas.


Anonymous said...


I so feel your pain. Seriously. It seems I am constantly surrounded and in the presence of political corruption, immorality, etc, etc.

So. What do I do to get a breath or two? I go visit Day By Day. It makes me laugh every time.

If you're already familiar with DBD, I apologize for this referral. However, if you have not seen it before...Enjoy!

Oh, and also, biting sarcasm dripping with vitriol works for me.

Long Live the Republic, indeed.

Scott said...

I have been inflicted with the same "maylaise". I have been writting my blog for three years and I hit the wall too often. I wish I had more time...The same dry stuff gets very old...Humor / satire is my best outlet...Good observation.