Monday, September 26, 2011

Silver and Gold Markets Getting Slaughtered

I can't remember seeing more panic stricken and broken markets- than I've seen in the last three years. They all have one common denominator.

Central bankers are manipulating everything in a battle to stay alive and to remain in power. These terrible times and broken markets are merely the symptoms of the brazen banker class which has ruined and destroyed the fabric of the world with excess credit. Greed.

The Crimex hiked margin rates on gold, silver, and copper late last week- effective this week- which should just about wring every small investor out of those markets. Europeans and Asians are selling precious metals hand over fist as currencies and markets are plunging.

Last week, I bought the dip and I am paying for that error. This week, I am going to wait for the blood letting and the carnage to stop and I am going to double or triple up. In fact, I had set a goal of how much of each metal I wanted to own. Based on this bloodbath, I am going to achieve those goals almost 14 months sooner than I thought.

This might be the greatest opportunity of my life. Worldwide recession/depression is here. Months ago I talked about markets crashing and taking precious metals with them. Then the central bankers are going to try and print their way out of this mess. I absolutely, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, guarantee that QE3 is an absolute certainty. If you bought physical precious metals during this bloodbath, you are going to be handsomely rewarded for your courage a year from now. These stunning moves up and down are going to become the new normal.

Just buy physical and lock it up. Have patience. Europe and the euro are completely screwed. This is the start of what I am certain is going to be- one of the wildest financial times this planet has ever lived through. Absolutely nuts. Waiting to see our markets test the 2008 lows. Really.

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Anonymous said...

The nanny governments and the central bankers are most likely going to give the banksters one last reprieve before the European house of cards comes tumbling down.
Brian, please come by today if you have time. I think you'll find it interesting.