Tuesday, September 27, 2011

North Carolina Governor Takes Complete Leave Of Her Senses, NC Voters Very Proud of Their Insightful Governor

Wow. The NC Governor is calling for a suspension of Congressional elections. That way the idiots in Washington can focus on our job problem instead of their re-election problems. I hope that every one of them has to go back to becoming shyster lawyers or whatever worthless shit they used to do after they get bounced out of office. Grease their bank accounts with private sector money instead of ours.

When called on her shit- the Governors' spokesman said she was joking. Sure she was.

A classic statement from the statists. You voters are stupid. We in government have all of the solutions. See how good we've been doing?

Yea we noticed. That's why Congress has a 13% approval rate. The worst in history.  You cannot make this shit up. http://dailycaller.com/2011/09/27/nc-governor-recommends-suspending-democracy-to-focus-on-jobs/

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Cheryl Pass said...

I live in North Carolina and believe me, this woman is to North Carolina what Obama is to the nation. It's never a dull moment watching her glittering smile and listening to the sweet sound of insanity come flowing out of her mouth. North Carolinians are as anxious for the next election to rid ourselves of Beverly as the rest of the nation is to rid ourselves of Barack. Actually, she only got there on O's coat tails...two travesties in one. Alas...we do get punished for such huge mistakes.