Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Obama Officially Becomes Worst President Ever

So President Five Iron, our Imperial Leader, has had a week filled with testimony regarding complete indifference in letting diplomats get killed, using the IRS to punish his enemies, and eavesdropping and taking media records in an effort to find out who was leaking information.

He of course, knew nothing about any of it.

The comparisons to Nixon are startling.

Snipped this from a yahoo message board...

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If it walks like a fascist, talks like a fascist, seizes records like a fascist, lies to the public like a fascist, audits like a fascist, threatens enemies like a fascist....

So after that, I stumbled onto this gem which is actually written by a LIBERAL writer. It's hard to believe we could have anyone worse than Nixon and Carter. But then again, the Clintons' do refer to  Obama as the "amateur." Being called names by two of the the most psychopathic liars ever- is an accomplishment all in itself.


Anonymous said...

I don't even think the general population cares. When I try to discuss these issues with anyone Im labeled too negative or worse. As long as sports or Dancing with the stars is on T.V. and hot pizza is delivered on time, Americans could not care less.
I know that thru your efforts you try to enlighten people, unfortunately most Americans do not want to be enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Obama could burn orphanages, sodomize defenseless old grannies and pour sugar in people's gas tanks, and no one will bat an eye; they're too wrapped up in their bread and circuses.

Anonymous said...

After Harvard he went to Chicago where graduated Cum Laude from the Alinsky School of Politics. Obama does and will do what he was traaained to do.