Saturday, May 11, 2013

Missing: Civilized Society, Reward Offered For It's Return- The Sunday Collage

It's been a tough couple of weeks for me. Since the end of April, I've needed a root canal but my dentist could not see me until May 9. When the pain became unbearable, I went to a different dentist. He assured me that he could do the root canal in an hour. That was last Wednesday. Since then, the entire right side of my face is swollen and getting worse. My new dentist is nowhere to be found. Only with the help of a dwindling Vicodin supply am I going to make it to Monday. I'll probably need to schedule a drug rehab visit shortly after they fix this tooth.

Right after the grand root canal on Wednesday, I settled in to watch and follow the Benghazi inquiry. Unlike the vast majority of Americans who watch shows like "The Voice",  I find amoral and criminal conduct with falsified and outlandishly conceived cover ups, far more interesting. So that's where I spend my time.

During the week, I found myself fully engaged in my new Vicodin addiction, playing golf, (I knocked in a 40 footer for birdie on the last hole while completely under the influence of Vicodin on Thursday) and reading and listening to a lot of Benghazi testimony and reports. To summarize the 30 or so pieces and clips that I have viewed, I found the actions of this administration not only to be simply scandalous but criminally neglectful up to such point- that one might say that Hillary Clinton had Christopher Stevens executed through non perfomance of her basic job functions.

I also monitored places like Huffington Post and noticed that they had virtually nothing to say about Benghazi. They posted an article or two at the bottom of the home page that said that this administration had made some "mistakes." (Obama went to bed and then golfing fundraising the next day in Vegas just before that stoned debate performance of his in Colorado) For Huffpo, that level of minimization and understatement would be akin to Ted Bundy saying that a number of his first dates did not result in committed relationships.

Now reading and viewing virtually everything you can get your hands on for a solid week is precisely the amount of information one needs in order to be ridiculed and abused by some leftist smart ass in his grandmother's basement who is collecting unemployment, playing video games, and lying about looking for work. If anyone ever invents a device that immediately allows you to find an anonymous commenter's name and address, I might sell my house to get one. Twenty thousand comments written by one smart ass?

My favorite poster of the week and I am so sooorrryyy that I didn't clip and save this...was the commentor who said that Benghazi was Christopher Stevens fault. He knew taking that job was risky. The comment had been "favorited" many times.

Victimizing the victim is only acceptable when a liberal does it. Staying with our Bundy metaphor, Ted would have crafted a defense that said that his murder victims brought their murder upon themselves. They should have known the risks of dressing up, looking nice, and being female. Therefore they had not been murdered but had committed suicide just like Stevens had.

I find myself, somehow for several months now, asking "What the fuck is wrong with people?" How sick does our society have to get before somebody pushes the "ENOUGH" button?

I remember a rich, dope smoking, atheist, liberal gal in Moonbat Valley telling me once- that people who wear guns should not be surprised when one of their kind gets killed. She of course was referring to my law enforcement profession. You know what I was thinking? Why in the hell would I die protecting someone like her? That's exactly what I was thinking as she was speaking. In fact, that mentality is precisely the reason I will never return to law enforcement or to Moonbat Valley. I'd rather get run over by a freight train trying to rescue an armadillo.

So let me explain what I think has happened to our country. It started long ago.

In the mid- 1980's, President Reagan loved to talk about eroding family values. He saw it as a crisis. I did not but as I look back, I think Reagan had it right. In fact he may have understated it. Here is a quote from a 1986 Reagan radio address. Please pay attention to those values he finds most important and specifically submits in this paragraph...

That last word, "family," is one that I'd like to consider for a moment. To be sure, family is very much on our minds during the holidays, as children and grandchildren, parents and grandparents, gather to share the happiness of the season. We know how good it feels to be with our families—how it warms and comforts us, how it gives us strength and joy. But I wonder whether we always give our families all the appreciation they deserve. Consider, for example, that the philosopher-historians Will and Ariel Durant called the family "the nucleus of civilization." They understood that all those aspects of civilized life that we most deeply cherish—freedom, the rule of law, economic prosperity and opportunity—that all these depend upon the strength and integrity of the family. If you think about it, you'll see that it's in the family that we must all learn the fundamental lesson of life—right and wrong, respect for others, self-discipline, the importance of knowledge, and, yes, a sense of our own self-worth. All of our lives, it's the love of our families that sustains us when times are hard. And it is perhaps above all to provide for our children that we work and save.

Reagan was talking about "civilized life." He referred to the family as the nucleus of civilization. He talked about freedom and the rule of law- and the fundamental lessons of life. Teaching right and wrong, respect for others, self discipline, and knowledge.

What we are seeing today is a crisis of leadership. Our leaders are self absorbed and selfish politicians. They would rather get some sleep or protect their chances of winning some future nomination rather than perform the fundamental job requirements of the positions they currently hold. They can't adequately perform in their current roles- while aspiring for bigger ones.

Civilized people do not go to bed or refuse requests for help when American ambassadors are being attacked and subsequently killed. Civilized people perform their jobs. When they cannot fulfill the duties of their job, they resign. Like the U.S. Secretary of State did after his failure in Mogadishu (Blackhawk Down) that cost many American lives. Civilized people feel shame. Civilized people must live with themselves when their actions or inactions get innocent people killed. Civilized people are not sociopaths. Civilized people, and this will come as a shock, take responsibility for their actions.

The level of shamelessness and arrogance that this administration engages in is reprehensible. It should be met with the harshest punishment that civilized people can mete out.

The media and the left sycophants have no shame either. They are still busy living in the past- still blaming Bush every time something bad happens some 5 years later- like somehow that justifies the actions of Obama and his morally bankrupt staff. I suppose that is the "Johnny did it first!" argument that children use when defending themselves from their angry parents. They will defend, ridicule, or otherwise attack anyone trying to attach responsibility to those who are responsible for this shameful event.

Civilized people know the difference between wrong and right. Civilized people do not make excuses. Civilized people take responsibility for their horrible job performance and they do not blame the victims for the crime. They practice respect for others and self discipline.

Civilized people do not let this happen. (Note the date and the opening paragraph where Susan Rice's lie about that idiot filmmaker is used in this story)(Graphic)

I get angry every time I see that photo. Not because the photographer says rescuers were trying to help or whatever they are doing with his dead body. We know they mutilated his body and cut off his genitals. I get mad because Chris Stevens is dead and that death was completely un neccessary. Chris Stevens was a decent, civilized human being that could not have known he was working under the direction of sociopaths. They held his life in their hands and they didn't even have the decency to let a SOG (special op group already mobilized and departing) team go help. I get mad because good, civilized people die and it is always the sociopaths that live on.

I keep hoping that the rational, civilized people that I know we once had in the U.S.- will form some collective voice and restore order to what used to be- a civilized society. Absent civilized conduct, all we have left is the selfishness and chaos brought about by our prideful and shameless "leaders."

Reagan didn't predict this- he saw this. It's turning out to be a remarkably astute observation.

Maybe the best piece I have read all week on Benghazi. Along the same lines.


Anonymous said...

Great Brian, I really appreciate your insight. There are bigger stories along with Benghazi such as the targeting of conservatives by the IRS. The immigration bill, and its line items causing even more loss to our nations tattered fabric, freedom and resources. The ongoing attempt to take the few guns we have access to from a law abiding society. The forced entry and removal of people from their homes in Boston by the police was horrific in regards to personal freedom. All of this is contrived to make citizens even more dependent on our horrid government. If all of this isnt tyrannical government what is? Few people notice or care. Our government is so big it is unsustainable, honestly our government meddling is what brought on Benghazi… government is too big NOT to fail, government as well as the economy will implode and when it does god willing a Libertarian government will result. But, honestly between you and I the general populace of US citizens are too stupid to deserve freedom or a great country. John Gault signing off.

Brian said...

You are right of course.

This week I was looking at how the ITS was targeting Tea Party groups and then I thought- How could Obama NOT KNOW this. He has done so many other scandalous things. I am reminded of the Inspector General he got canned after the IG reported that his buddy and fellow basketball player, Kevin Johnson, was stealing Federal money in Sacramento.

I think I am so used to this guy abusing authority that when he does it- it doesn't surprise me anymore.

Thanks for coming by.