Thursday, May 16, 2013

Was The Benghazi Consulate Just a Front For a CIA Operation?


In the days following the Benghazi fiasco, I stumbled onto a story similar to the one that I am going to link here.

It makes sense that the CIA would be setting up camp in Libya and using a consulate as our "cover story." Telling the truth might go a long way in clearing up all of the confusion that we've had about who was in charge of what. Was Hillary (the state department) in charge or was the CIA?

Maybe that's why nothing happened.

I only have one question. If this story is true, why would a 7 member CIA strike force evacuate without Stevens and his aide? (and just how was it that a couple of ex-Navy Seals just happened by?)

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Hacksaw said...

It sure puts different angles into play doesn't it?? I'm still not sure though that Hillary did not know about what was going on, nor for that matter the turd in the whitehouse. THEY ALL knew.