Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Like The Old Fashioned Dumb Shits

This week, I played back and forth with some kid from Huffington Post. He simply can't or won't understand what a Constitutional Republic is. More specifically, he could not distinguish a constitutional republic from a democracy. He is apparently, a new age dumb shit. I like the old fashioned dumb shits.

The old fashioned dumb shits were the people I grew up with who knew they were beyond their field of expertise when the subject matter of any given conversation was not something they knew or cared about. We were all old fashioned dumb shits at various points in our lives. There is no shame in simply admitting, "I don't know." Or saying, "Could that guy be right?"

The old fashioned dumb shits just kept their mouths shut and tried to learn something from the people who knew something.

I must remember that this kid is the product of a government run school system. Had he been home schooled- he would certainly know more than he does. So there's that.

He says that millions of people think we have a democracy and therefore- they can't possibly be wrong. He even says to me, "so one guy is right and millions are wrong?" (That is precisely the definition of a democracy)

Um yea dumb shit err...I mean kid. That's exactly what I'm saying. You know we are in trouble when the mob doesn't even know what kind of government they have.

Here's an excellent piece on what our government was intended to be and what is is- even though I don't particularly care for the anti-immigration rant.




Anonymous said...

Sanity is not statistical. One man can be right while millions are wrong (ask Galileo, who was persecuted by the Catholic church when he dared suggest that the Earth was not the center of the Universe). The kid with whom you sparred, Brian, is ignorant of his own ignorance. A lot of people are like that, myself included. Keep on keeping on anyway. That kid and others like him might eventually wake up to the truth someday.

conservativesonfire said...

A nation of parrots repeating what they have been taught. Just what the elites have wanted.