Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rick Leavitt Hears the Executioner's Song

Among the many odd, retarded, and bizarre parts that comprise who I am, one of those parts does not include a longing for the death penalty. I like Helen Prejean. (Dead Man Walking) She changed my mind about the death penalty.
If you want to keep getting re-incarnated and coming back to this rock over and over, that is up to you. I am trying to get just a wee bit better and graduate from this place. So after mulling over all the anger, hatred, and longing that one must have in order to kill people- I opted out.

I want to make my life as spiritually correct as possible. Killing people is not spiritually correct. That's it. That's my opinion and I won't stand in the way of a contrary one because I once agreed with the contrary ones.

But don't think for a second if you come bursting through my door at 2 a.m. that I won't bust a cap in your ass. Every man has his limitations.

When I was a kid, Rick Leavitt was a year or two older than I was. I think he dropped out of high school. I would see him blasting around town in Blackfoot, Id. in his jacked up 4 wheel drive with headers. Rick was a little slow aka "not very bright." The truth is, I would have called him mildly retarded. I spoke with him a few times. Rick was always an outcast. Smoking weed and drinking beer alone. I am not sure he had many friends. To be honest, I didn't like Rick either.

In 1984, Rick killed a gal and mutilated her body just a couple blocks away from us on Schilling Street. The victim lived with her parents who were out of town that week. It was actually Rick who phoned the cops because the body had not been discovered and it had been four days. Rick gutted his victim on a water bed. It wasn't pretty. I knew the lead cop on this case. This case changed his life and not for the better. I'm not going to mention him here.

Rick, like most of the people on this rock, avoids punishment at all costs. He has always maintained his innocence. But he was not innocent. On June 12, some 28 years later, Idaho finally removed Rick from death row. Just days before his execution, Rick called the local media. He was scared. He was hoping for some miracle type of reprieve. To call that cowardly is inaccurate and simplistic. The whole thing from murder to execution makes me sick. I embedded a recording of Leavitt calling the local media days before his execution- if you care to listen. Wait until you hear the part about the nosebleed. Very sad. He hasn't changed much over the years.

A really screwed up kid did a very horrible thing. It's hard to sort something like that out and make any sense of it. I haven't been able to for 28 years.

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