Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The National Pussification Continues in Middleborough Massachusetts

In a perfect statist world, there would be a law against everything. The statists would post their rules. No idling cars. Recycling. Green laws. Helmet laws. No rodeos. Dog poop laws. And now...profanity laws.

Readers who follow this blog know that I hate ridiculous laws. I attribute most of them to libtards, moonbats, and statists. These are the people who are offended by virtually everything. Not too long ago I read a big Huffpo article by the mother of a transgender child. She was pissed because people used the term "tranny." She thought that was callous and insensitive so I endured a 500 word piece outlining that OPINION.

Here's the harsh truth. Her son's transgender issues have far more to do with the quality of parenting that boy received from his mother and father- far more so than anything else on the planet. The author doesn't want to talk about that because taking responsibility for parenting failures just involves a little too much self honesty for the fragile egos that comprise the left. Instead she unleashes her anger on an unknown audience imploring people not to be insensitive by using the word, "tranny." Of course all of the sappy Huffpo commenters agreed. Can you believe it?

I let the author have it. Whiny ass- responsibility avoiding victim. Huffpo didn't publish my comment. Imagine that. So the next thing that will happen is this...

Grandmothers everywhere will be up in arms. Demanding that insensitive people quit calling them "grannys." I really want to write a piece on Huffpo under a pen name- imploring people to quit using that type of insensitive and callous speech. Make up some bullshit PC moniker like libtards do when they find something offensive.

The pussification of our country continues. Middleborough Mass. now ignoring free speech guarantees to impose their very own profanity law. The profanity is reaching epidemic proportions in Middleborough, Mass. People are afraid to leave their homes. One statist called the law "necessary." How do the rest of you live without one? Odd, indeed. http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/12/12178224-massachusetts-town-approves-20-fine-for-swearing-in-public?lite

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