Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cowards Hate Free Speech

Have you ever noticed how cowards, universally, seem to hate free speech? They find everything offensive. I don't care whether you are using some piece of colloquial speech like the word "tranny" or you are saying "fuck" in some goofy little town in Massachusetts. The cowards just can't find a way to cope. So why is that?

Cowards ALWAYS think they are the only rational people in the room. Show me someone who thinks they are rational and chances are- you are looking at a sheep. Cowards tend to take everything personally. You cannot have a rational discussion with them because they are so thin skinned.

Words really can't hurt you unless you give them some power. Non cowards know this. 

Cowards try to control their exterior world. They see the world as this unruly frontier and if the world would only submit to their values- everything would be ok. The problem with that of course- is that it is false. And even though the non cowards are vastly outnumbered- they still launch truthful, gut wrenching attacks at the cowards. Cowards, who are largely passive aggressive, hate nothing more than getting called out and spanked publicly. So courtesy of ZeroHedge, here then is Nigel Farage, telling the cowards (banker lackeys) the truth. The euro is toast.

Gawd I wish Nigel were on the floor of the Senate or House. Talk about a target rich environment. It's like a coward convention. This is why the cowards hate free speech. Scroll past Sauk Leader's summary which is dead on.

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I like how he starts every speech by insulting everyone in the room. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, no one ever listens to Nigel. He has been calling the fools fools for years. He is fun to watch in action though, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

He is the unsung hero of the 21st century. AE

Anonymous said...

I have also figured that liberals are by in large "cowards " as well. AE