Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Obama To Defend Economic Record In Ohio? You Cannot Make This Shit Up

Seriously. Is Obama completely nuts?

Ok. Let me try and recap some of Obama's "economic" record from memory.

1. He gave every crooked banker in America a get out of jail free card.

2. To this day, Obama and Holder haven't done jack shit with that mess. They have installed an absolute horde of flaming liberals in the US attorneys office. The CEO of GE is the head of his economic development team. GE has not paid a dime in taxes for seven years while farming every available job to overseas workers. You cannot make that shit up either.

3. Obama took over GM and saved the union members- while screwing bondholders and saddling taxpayers with that crappy automaker which can do nothing but lose money.

4. Obama stole 1 trillion dollars (stimulus) from taxpayers and dumped it into the lap of his cronies at places like Solyndra. Solyndra's backers/CEO were well acquainted with Obama and managed to get away with our dough while taxpayers got stiffed with the bankruptcy. This happened time and time again with other businesses. Cronies and pals receiving government loans.

5. Taxpayers are now stuck with Fannie and Freddie. Two more money sucking black holes that should have been dismantled and charged off long ago. They have cost us nearly 1/2 a trillion so far and they just keep chugging right along- asking for billions more every year or so.

6. Obama has become the Food Stamp President. Currently 46 million people use food stamps.

7. Unemployment is really near 20%. That has not changed. Only the government's stats and how they are massaged and manipulated has changed. See birth/death model. Millions no longer counted as unemployed because they have been out of work for so long. Unemployment checks extended beyond three years..

8. This guy can't even put out a budget. When he put out some piece of utter ridiculousness, not one person in the House voted for it. What about that crook Jon Corzine? Obama's campaign bundler who stole 1.6 billion from customer accounts at MF Global and walked away.

9. Obamacare? Only a fiscal moron could pass the biggest money sucking venture of all time- while the country is broke and in the midst of a depression. Obama violated every moral code imaginable to ram it through, delayed the implementation for 4 years- essentially freezing employers hiring decisions- and prolonging the worst hiring freeze since the great depression.

10. Most importantly...Obama has never had any kind of fucking plan. He is an idiot who simply uses taxpayer money to pay off his campaign supporters. It has always been that simple. It should be illegal but it's not. That's the sign of a man with no morals and no personal courage. In an effort to buy more votes, Obama is now hinting at a 3000 dollar check for voters.

At any other time in the history of this country, taking taxpayer money by threat of force and then bribing taxpayers with their very own money for votes would be unheard of and unimaginable. Today, it's normal. That is how low we have sunk as a nation.

Obama is going to defend his economic policies? Really. Daniel Webster couldn't defend this maniac. Smile for the camera Daniel...attaboy.

14th and 19th United States Secretary of State
In office

Back in Daniel's day, they'd have just locked Obama up by now. Or worse.

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Anonymous said...

That's why Rommney as the President won't make 2 hoots of difference. If he outlined your talking points as an attack on OBUMMER then maybe I would be a believer. I think all we've got here is liberal heavy VS liberal light and they kick the same can back and forth down the same path. The elites and banksters have it all figured out while the sheeple go gaga over hollywood and pro sports.AE