Thursday, March 1, 2012

Using The New FlipCard Blogger Interface

Traditionally, I run about 250-300 page views on my blog per day.

For a guy who writes with the kind of razor wit that I possess- those are some sorry assed numbers. So once again, I am going to try the new blogger interface for a couple of days. My pageloads soared because readers could click on the things that interested them. Like dry, boring pieces about banker crooks. The only thing missing will be that nasty ass looking head of Frankenstein's.

I am also thinking of driving down to Vegas for the weekend. At any rate, I thought I'd warn ya and maybe this weekend I will report on the pageload numbers from some smelly casino.


Irish said...

Have FUN in Vegas, I hope you win big!!

Always On Watch said...

No more Frankenstein banner?

Brian said...

I am only going to do the flip card thingy two days a week. I haven't fig'd out how to put up that ugly noggin yet...or whether or not it can even be done.

Anonymous said...

Horrible interface. Gimmicky and awkward. Yuck.