Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Are You Still Banking With Criminals?*Updated

Over the weekend, I was explaining to a friend of mine why I have multiple bank accounts and redundancy.

Here are some of the reasons. Free checking, a free safety deposit box, essentially 3x the available funds if I need them during the course of one day, and years ago- I had an ATM snatch my card while I was on vacation. Since I only use cash- I do not have a credit card- this really caused me grief for a couple of days.

But if all those things are unappealing to you, I quit banking at Wells Fargo because they are thieves. They were part of the great taxpayer fueled ripoff after playing casino with our housing market and plunging this nation into the great whatever the hell this is. And charging me fees. For nada. So they can have the use of my money and leverage it- and charge me for the privilege of doing so.

Just because Obama was bought and paid for by bankers, and they went un prosecuted, doesn't mean they aren't criminals. They are.

If you are still banking at a Too Big To Fail bank, I'd love to hear why.

*No sooner do I post this and wander over to naked capitalism...I see this.

And then this...

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Jim at Conservatives on Fire said...

With the government in their pocket, the bankers win even when they apparently lose.