Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Like A Lion

Well after four months and a complete disappearance, winter has finally arrived. Yesterday and today. I can see the tire tracks of the evil postal creature who arrives here each day in the new fallen snow. If I block her ingress and egress with something like my car, she leaves these nasty notes in my box about how postal patrons are supposed to leave our box areas uncluttered.

Like that is some law.

One day, I saw the postal creature actually exit her vehicle and waddle outside. I noted that waddling outside is probably something she should do more of. A year of waddling might yield the loss of a stone or two from her undercarriage. If you know what I mean. But instead, I am compliant. I let her drive up on my lawn...enabling her to achieve her goal of a premature death.

All of this snow, of course coincides nicely with my days off. I had this vision, err fantasy, of hauling out that beautiful suede blue Roadking and riding it in sunny 50 degree weather. Instead, I am here writing in my underwear in my mother's basement.

Well that's not entirely true.

So I've got seven days left on a nine day off streak. This snow pisses me off. This afternoon, I am gonna pay the bills, get a haircut, change the oil, and get the hell out of here- soon. I haven't decided on which gambling mecca location I will land on but I am leaning heavily on Harrah's in Laughlin with my runner up choice being the Fremont in Las Vegas.

Time to check the weather, somewhere else.

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