Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Reason To Hate Obama (Like You Needed One)

I snipped this comment from the TF Metals Report. I have been reading about this latest move from our Marxist -In-Chief. I swear the guy never quits. The snip.

After over three years of being the most profligate spender of other people's money since the Earth was a cooling ball of gas, Barack Obama has finally found one place where he's willing to make real budget cuts: healthcare for America's military.
Specifically, the president has offered up a plan to force active duty service members and veterans to sign up for Obamacare and leave Tricare (the current U.S. subsidized health insurance program for the military) by raising the cost of premiums until it's unaffordable.
Obama's plan, which would go into effect immediately after elections, would raise Tricare premiums 30% to 78% in the first year...and then go up 94% to 345% every five years thereafter until every last man and woman who has served in uniform has had to quit the system and settle for whatever crumbs Obamacare will throw them.
Roughly speaking, that means a retired officer would be paying four times more for insurance in five years than he or she is now. And 16 times more in 10 years.
Experts say that the slash-and-burn reduction in military benefits is likely to hurt efforts to recruit or retain soldiers...which is probably exactly what Barack Obama wants.
Of course, none of this would be happening if this president and his party were even the least bit serious about real deficit reduction. But instead we get years without budgets, and gimmicky and pointless cost-cutting committees and supercommittees.
Followed by the Commander-in-Chief's cold and calculated order for members of the military to sacrifice themselves on the deficit grenade...and all to shield the despicable little Chicago politician who is twirling the grenade's pin on his finger.

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Anonymous said...

Oh come now! You didn't think he would actually cut anything for the FSA, did you? :)