Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Is How Politicians Hijacked the Greatest Republic Ever Conceived

Can you imagine running a public corporation with no business plan, no policy manual, no rules?

Can you imagine trying to perform the complex job of running one of the largest governments that the world has ever known without operating instructions?

The operating instructions are the Constitution. That framework worked perfectly until politicians began imposing their opinions on how things should be run. Rather than adhering to the tenets of the Constitution- we now have a full blown FUBAR mess that cannot be unwound or retrieved. Another layer may come this spring when SCOTUS rules on Obamacare- more law that has no constitutional basis.

Progressives and conservatives can't get rid of the Constitution so instead they are rendering it useless. One bad law at a time.

The layering of bad law and new precedent makes it highly unlikely that we can get back within the boundaries of the Constitution. For instance, nowhere in the Constitution does it allow for a privately owned reserve bank- yet we have one. How are we going to get rid of it? Bad precedent in a nation where we used to have a rule of law.

The best read all week. http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/why-republican-politicians-sell-us-out/


shakealeg said...

That is damn fine website! Thank you for posting! Here is a great video on the Chevy Volt. It was yanked from YouTube a few days back. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=298_1329192818&comments=1

The GM insanity continues here in Detroit. I have a friend who works at the GM Tech Center. They are getting massive amounts of OT. My only response to him is "Who's buying? There's 22% unemployment".

Jim at Conservatives on Fire said...

Isn't she great? If we could only get her on the Supreme Court this country might have a chance.

Brian said...

You only get on SCOTUS if you number among the privileged class. They teach a different, elevated type of law there. Not sure of PH's alma mater...

Republican Mother said...

I love PH, a fellow Tennessean. I'll have to repost this on my TN ladies site, if they haven't already.