Monday, March 5, 2012

Looking for the Softer, Easier Way To Practice Alcoholism

When does the insanity stop? I need a new drug so that I can continue taking the old drug? That is the theme of this Scandi generated piece provided by Bloomberg.

I would truly not be surprised if it were found out that alcohol distillers and distributors paid the research and development costs for this new drug.

Then of course we have booze in the pill form- benzos like Xanax. Millions of people addicted to those. Maybe we just don't like who we are.

At what point do people realize that they cannot change the world to suit them? When do people discover that some manner of acceptance and self discipline is ok... Is that something to be ashamed of? Perhaps so for some folks. Fortunately, I do not number among them. I like me.

Frankenstein Government, missing it some- but still alcohol free since 2007.

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