Friday, March 9, 2012

Imagine What The King Had To Say About the Colonists

and then read this 250 years later.

There is nothing more disgusting and cheap than tying criminals like Tim McVeigh to a movement of law abiding citizens who have watched their government steal their wealth. Citizens who have watched their government ignore the rule of law.

I absolutely detest this Alinsky, progressive, style of writing. Throw everyone on the McVeigh bus. This is classic mainstream media spin. 

Who exactly are the criminals? That's a good question. And the answer is not going to come from the ruling elite who own government and the media. They're gonna tell you they are the good guys.

Wait until the sovereign citizens outnumber them.

Anarchists. I imagine that's exactly what the King said 240 years ago as he stole tax money from the colonists. Eventually the colonists catch on.

Odd, how history repeats itself.


Fredd said...


Just curious, am I the only guy who reads your stuff?


Anonymous said...

There is one other guy, but he is on vacation. Thanks Fredd. (My hit count has been running 1500 a day, probably some government spy thing)