Thursday, March 8, 2012

Billy Moonbat Goes All In, Says Obama Wins, No Point In Voting

Billy Moonbat and I have been friends for about 5 years. Originally, I was drawn to him because he would stand up at City Hall meetings and give our city leaders a raft of shit. Secretly, I wanted to do the same thing. He was my hero.

So last night, we had one of those eternal phone calls.

Billy and I agree on environmental issues. We also agree that elite bastards have stolen all of the wealth in this country via pieces of paper and have produced nothing. Then we diverge. Billy thinks the GOP is responsible for stealing the wealth of the country and ruining it. I think it's been every politician, banker hack, oil company, drug manufacturer, and predatory capitalist like Jobs and Gates. My list  includes his dearly loved "progressives."

Billy has a remedy for our 16T debt and the fact that 1% of our population has 70% of the wealth. He says we should kill the 1%, take all of their assets, redistribute them and start over. I said he was nuts. Billy said why? They've been stealing the wealth of this country and getting us killed for years. The tax code has been manipulated to shift the burden from the elite to the middle class. Ever see any of the elite fighting wars? Protecting their own assets? Nah...Moonbat said. They have your kids do that and call them patriots while their kids attend Harvard and Brown. Moonbat said he wouldn't show the 1% an ounce of mercy.

I had to admit, Moonbat had me there. Killing the 1% sounded like an idea with legs.

Then Moonbat said something that caused my blood to boil. He said without a doubt, Obama would get re-elected. I countered with the time honored argument that begins with "no fucking way." I said if the Supremes throw out Obama's hallmark legislation- this spring- he is toast. Moonbat said not true. In fact, it won't change the election results one bit. That caused me to stop and wonder, was that true?

Maybe. Moonbat said it didn't matter anyway. The elite rigged this election long ago with two statists- neither one of which will disrupt the status quo ruling class in this country. The elite don't care who wins- pick one. But I think Obama wins...Moonbat said.

I even lost the food stamp argument. Billy says when people are hungry they storm the gates and kill people. Be thankful the government buys them dinner he said.

It makes sense that our country is imploding. If the 1% have shifted all of the tax burden onto a broken down and gutted middle class- there is nobody left to rob. Nobody left to pay taxes. They can't lock up millions of people. Nor can they just go steal all of that hidden wealth of the 1%.

Deep down, I know Moonbat is right. Maybe I won't even vote this year. Really, what's the point? The only guys I could vote for are either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson- and they're not gonna win. Normally, I never agree with Moonbat. But tonight I had to. He displayed remarkable common sense.


rawmuse said...

Problem number 1 "Killing the 1%" Who is that, exactly? It might be me for all I know what goes on in this twisted little fart's head. Problem number 2, what exactly makes him think that the 1% haven't thought of this in advance (they ain't dumb) and are prepared for his ignorant ravings? Shit, they can drop a hellfire missile on his patio, last time I looked.

Too much bullshit talk of killing by people who never killed anyone or anything, never even dispatched a hen for dinner. They have no idea what they are getting in to. If they ever fired a gun they would wet themselves.

The problem with killing is that others can kill you back. Maybe even before you do your killing first.

Brian said...

RM..Good to see ya!

The conversation was done "tongue in cheek" and I was kind of spoofing it. The only part Billy was really serious about was Obama winning. I tell ya what...Billy is making me think. I didn't think Obama had a snowball's chance in hell of winning but I forget the determination of a class of people that absolutely hate the right and the GOP. I am too insulated here, I think.

Anonymous said...

Obama best front man the elites ever had - minorities love him while he keeps the elitist agenda going and sells them out with a smile. Via the old "heated fight and then compromise" ploy. Pure Genius: Bush Tax Cut Extension, etc. Watch out for things like the Iran war "false flag" and XL pipeline "compromise" right after the election. Clinton another great wolf in sheep's clothing - brought us NAFTA. All of them just front men for the real power.

Brian said...

What an excellent comment. I totally agree with that assessment. Thanks for stopping by!