Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rush, They Are Not Sluts...They Are Good Sports

Recently, I've been reading all of the accounts of Rush Limbaugh calling some 30 year old college student a slut. Limbaugh's poor choice of words really sabotages the real issue which is whether or not society should be paying for your recreational sexual needs.

Of course, I land on the libertarian position. Have as much fun as you want sweetie. But don't expect anyone else to pick up the tab. 

Is it that simple? Of course. Things only get complex when big ol' dummies have to editorialize an issue and call people names. Injecting the word slut is dramatic. The speaker is trying to get your attention. He is losing the argument. The progressives are winning. In this asinine, moonbat controlled world, why is anyone surprised? We have Obamacare whether you want it or not and key democratic institutions- institutions that will be voting for Obama mind you- have exemptions. The people who don't support Obama or the progressives...they will be picking up the tab.

Obama isn't just some ineffective President- he is downright evil. He lies, buys votes, and vanquishes his perceived enemies through financial means. But I digress. Back to Rush.

This is what I know about Rush. He is a college dropout, married 4 times. He has been been accused of crimes related to drug addiction and like all people with money (read elite) he was able to buy his way out of jail and into rehab. About 30,000 dollars worth. He entered an agreement to pay back the costs of his investigation and prosecution after refusing to allow investigators access to his doctors which ultimately weakened the criminal case against him to the extent prosecutors just settled for some dough. That's what the Feds do all of the time. Rush was caught entering the country with some unknown quantity of Viagra for which he had no prescription.

So the system has been very good to Rush. He has turned some speaking skills into a multi-million dollar career not unlike another guy I know. He has escaped multiple marriages, jail, and rehab. Apparently he still enjoys sex. Clearly- Rush is no choir boy. So Rush and that 30 year old gal sound like they have at least one thing in common. It's just a question of who should pay for contraception.

In the meantime Rush, I want to offer you some advice on using the word "slut." I have a friend named Manny who related to me once that as a younger man, he relied on the compassion of several women he knew to help him through the testosterone driven days of his youth. Without them, Manny stated, he would have been relegated to a life of masturbation and thus blindness. Hoping to avoid such a fate, Manny referred to those compassionate women in his life as sexually active. Sometimes he referred to them as good sports. But he never ever called them sluts. Thus Manny maintained his relationships and in some round about and self less fashion, helped other men. He did not piss off any women in the process. It was a win for everybody.

Think about that, big yakker.

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Anonymous said...

Good libertarian view. Although some women like being labeled such in the throes of passion you must admit...I would never call a woman a slut. Except...

You should take your best posts and put a book together.