Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why the Moonbats Will Support Mitt Romney and Why You Shouldn't

I've been watching the Republican candidates closely this year.

The mainstream media knows their candidate is cooked. It would take a miracle of enormous proportions for Obama to have any kind of realistic chance of re-election. As the central planners, moonbats, and other statists look to swallow their bitter medicine- they without a doubt- will land on Romney.

Romney comes from a state known for central planning. His health care law is central planning 101. In fact, the moonbats might giggle over Romney. He reminds me of any other RINO (Republican In Name Only) like McCain or Scott Brown. In fact, I think that nominating Romney will be exactly what the powers to be want and I think that is why anyone with half a brain should flee from this guy. Romney is the elite choice, all the money is sailing in on him, and for that reason alone he should be scuttled. I'm not kidding. He is a democrat in republican clothing. I'm not sure Perry is any better- if he even manages to stick around.

The Democratic Party has never been more vulnerable than they are now. We could actually nominate a guy that is not mainstream and still win this thing. I believe that. I believe by election time, Obama will be completely broken. This is what self serving narcissists do to themselves. Thinking they and they alone are special, they isolate themselves from anyone that shows any differing opinion. They will lash out and retaliate. They always take things personally and that is a lonely place. Obama will surely find it.

Look, I am going to "waste my vote" on the libertarian nominee like I do each election. I am party loyal. As Herman Cain gains strength and I listen to him more and more, I like him. I am beginning to wonder if he in fact might be the grass roots, anti-elite, pro business and thus pro jobs guy that we need. Could he be a patriot even?

I am going to end this rant with Robert Kennedy's advice. It is the same advice I tried to give those idiot moonbats who elected Obama. Pay attention to what a man has accomplished or done with his life. His history. That matters. Disregard anything that comes out of his mouth. You can then rest assured about what kind of man you will be electing. Career politicians, businessmen, or community organizers. It works virtually all of the time and had that advice been followed, we would not of had to suffer through four years of Obama.


jdmlist said...

Yeah, great, Cain thinks Greenspan was the greatest head of the FED. Now he'd be great as president.

Brian said...

Cain lost a lot of stock with that comment. Another gov't shill. Why am I getting this feeling, absent Paul, we are screwed again? Because we are. Snipped this from ZH.

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Herman Cain just said he hearts Allen Greenspan. What a dunce.

Here is Ron Paul's reaction to Cain.

Allen Greenspan was a disaster.