Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Precious Metals Update

There is truly nothing left for governments and banks to do but loan and print worthless money. We are getting very close to the end game.

The precious metals markets have been under seige by big banks. I am not sure the average Joe understands just how bad governments and banks hate precious metals. Precious metals cannot be counterfeited. Buying precious metals is just like "putting or shorting" currency. It is one of the very few ways you as a citizen can fight inflation, a bankrupt government, and the central bank.

One of the sites I read daily is Harvey Organ. I read his blogroll and the TF Metals report.

Predicting when the currency will collapse under this smoldering pile of debt we have is tricky business. The government, the FED, and it's member banks are truly in charge. If I have learned one thing over the past year- it is that these corrupt entities will do anything they can to survive. They are worthy adversaries.

The CFTC (the U.S. commodities futures trading commission) recently announced that they have the votes to impose position limits on futures on big banks. Big banks have been shorting and issuing unlimited puts for decades on precious metals- metals that they don't own or possess. It is without question, the most manipulated and crooked practice I have ever seen. The CFTC meets on Oct. 14. Up until now, they have been lapdogs for the banks. Forgive my lack of enthusiasm for anything uttered by that worthless group of government employees.

The world continues to buy up every available ounce of physical metal that they can get their hands on. It is the last safe haven.

I have contingency plans in the event that governments and banks try to make metals illegal or tax them out of existence. You must plan for these things. These crooks are in control, they are desperate, and they don't like the sheep fighting back or getting wise. That is the world we are in now. It is a real live war zone. Bankers and governments, lapdog news agencies like CNBC, will do anything they can to mis inform and put a negative spin on precious metals. CNBC aired a 60 Minutes program last night about all of the warring and killing over Congo gold.

Our greatest ally might be China. They know what is going on. They are working very diligently to put a stake through the heart of the U.S. dollar. And they buy precious metals like crazy. So does India. Physical supplies are stretched so tight that dealers are running out.

The big and corrupt controlling players are doing everything they can to stop the upward momentum of precious metals but ultimately I think they will fail. They simply don't control the whole world like they used to. Absent a new cartel they will need the usual government intervention to make precious metals illegal. I am keeping a close eye on that.

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Anonymous said...

"The CFTC meets on Oct. 14."

I s it possible that this dufus we call President doesn't know who he really works for?