Friday, October 14, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize Winning President Now Fighting Wars in 4 Countries, Not Including Arizona

Who will issue apologies on behalf of us when Barack is gone?


Vincent said...

Hi Brian,
Appreciate the site and the effort.
I'm a regular at TF Metals, and make the rounds to many sites on your watchlist.
Wonder if anybody has mentioned to you that the dark background of your site is hard on the eyes. Please don't be offended. It may just be me.
Not interested in making excuses for this president or the previous one. I have slowly come to the conclusion that others have obtained control of the system, whether it be financial policy, foreign policy, or the like. I would like nothing more than for this President to simply step away.
It was also clear to me that President Bush had little influence over policy. For the first time in my life, I'm considering not voting in the next Presidential election. I will, however vote in my local election next month, and again next November, as our council seats are subject to votes (3 this year and 2 next)
My approach has been to contribute on the local level where one can participate, force action and expect results. To an extent we have been successful, and find ourselves in a much better position than many around us.
I know kids in two of the conflicts. Sucks. Peace.

I use the "brushfire" analogy often.
A great deal of my frustration lies with one bank in particular

Brian said...

Thanks for stopping by Vince. I am a frequent flyer at Turd's just to keep an eye on PM and decide when to buy more.

I haven't had anyone mention the dark background color bothering them...however I have had more than one person say that I bother them... ha!

I just vote Libertarian. Party loyal. And I certainly cannot blame anyone for not voting...I think there is a lot more to patriotism than simply casting a vote for the lesser of two evils every election cycle.

Thanks for stopping by.